Ep 432 – #NotMyProphet

Panel Discussion

Posted January 4th, 2018

LDS Prophet Thomas S. Monson recently passed away. Bob, Jake, Heather and Tom get on to discuss his passing.


And according to Bob, he wasn’t no Gordon B. Hinckley… #NotMyProphet





  • Swaggy

    A memory of Monson I’ll always remember is a Conference talk he gave when he was still in the FP under Hinckley. He gave this story of a man whose family were all members and active. This man supported his family’s activity in the Church but refused to be baptized himself. And on his deathbed, he was asked why he steadfastly refused to join the Church. His answer was that when he was a young boy, a member of the Church, a neighbor, had used his friendship with his family to buy the farm at a favorable price. Then this neighbor turns and sells the farm for like twice the price or something.

    Long story short, I likened this Wedge talk to my own family. My dad was a member of the Branch Presidency until he wasn’t. He was released over a conflict he had with other members. To this day, I can’t get a straight answer out of him as to what happened. I was a young boy. And my dad has been inactive ever since.

    It made me feel like family was counterfeit or lacking in some way.

    • I keep trying to respond with “interesting story” or “thanks for sharing” but everything I say feels sarcastic when I read it back. At any rate, the hidden wedges story stuck in my mind for a long time afterward too. Did that talk happen before or after the fallout with your dad as the BP?

      • Swaggy

        Your sarcasm on the show seems more self-deprecating than actually targeted at a guest or fellow-panelist.

        To answer your question, my dad leaving the BP happened before the wedge talk, but I’m sure that Monson was simply recycling old talks that he gave or heard. It all started with the Book of Mormon: “the guilty take the truth to be hard.”

        To Bob’s point, I have a close friend who lost a daughter, born several months prematurely and who lived but 2 days. In the aftermath of this grievous loss, she was told by several TBMs something to the effect of how her daughter was needed more in heaven. The other members, though trying sincerely to comfort my friend, only ended up making her feel worse.

  • Swaggy

    And I know you guys were being self-deprecating but I really enjoy your panel discussions, even if you weren’t being substantive. This episode was really poignant for me.

  • I keep telling myself, and everyone within earshot, that I am SO over exMormon discussions, but I wanted to hear if you guys had any inside poop on the bubble-up following the recent vacancy—where exactly will the other CO2 bubbles end up on the inside of the bottle?

    That was interesting enough, but the episode was funny and engaging throughout, one of the best. Do it again!

    • Gabriel von Himmel

      St. Ralph
      Here’s hoping the next new Wasatch Sasquatch will have a Cult of Personality built around an obsessive tweeting prophet dispensing revelations both day and night like our leader Trump.

      • Oh man, what I wouldn’t give for a tweeting prophet! That would be so much fun and would be a good way to spice things up a bit.

        • At least as fun as a tweeting president, but without the horror of having a “coked-up toddler with Turret’s” in charge of the country.

          It was revealed to me in a waking dream that many of our dear leader’s tweets issue forth at dawn or in the pre-dawn hours from the throne room just off of his bedroom in the White House. If accurate, this would lend a whole new level of poignancy to his proclamations and new meaning to the term “infants on thrones.”

    • Unfortunately, we only had outside poop. But I’m glad you found it entertaining!

    • AxelDC

      The system is set up so that these guys will nearly all by over 90 before they take over. How much action can they take from such a wizened age?

  • Zeke

    So the new spokesperson is going to be “Russell the Revelator”??? What do we have to do to make sure LDS Inc. gives russell and God their own twitter account, or if God truly has nothing to say just stop the charade.

  • windy_way8192

    I have known many people who have grieved tremendous loss of loved ones, most of them, naturally, are Mormon. So when I went to write a letter to my agnostic Jewish friend who had lost her husband, my perspective shifted even more. I wanted to offer words of comfort without stepping roughshod over her grief. And I realised that one thing we did not have in common was the cultural membrane telling us that we should be happy and grateful for #eternalfamilies and #planofsalvation. Since my early twenties I have not bought it as a catch-all comfort, even for Mormons, but 15+ years after that is still persisted in my awareness. So the panelist who was critiquing Mormons for being sad over Monson has a point: Being happy and smiling when a loved one dies is indeed a cultural expectation of Mormonism. Else, where is your faith? That is why it is ironic to see the mournfulness here: in Mormonism we shouldn’t really openly mourn our loved ones close to us, but when it is the Dear Leader, it’s different.

    • After reading this comment, I think I was being too dismissive of Bob’s point about the doctrine of Mormonism implies you shouldn’t be too too sad about people dying. (Sorry, Bob!) I loved your last point: “in Mormonism we shouldn’t really openly mourn our loved ones close to us, but when it is the Dear Leader, it’s different.” That rings true to me, and both compensate with an implied failing–one one hand, that our loved one was too dear for the resurrection to take away the sting of their death; on the other, that the leader wasn’t quite dear enough.

      • windy_way8192

        I hadn’t thought of those implications, thanks!

  • AxelDC

    One 90 year old homophobic, sexist, white bigot is replaced by a 93 year old homophobic, sexist, white bigot. Vive la Revolution!

  • Hammerheart

    OK, look, I don’t object to some laughing & joking, but this episode went off the rails a bit, became somewhat self-referential. Come on, pull it together, folks. This is a podcast, not movie night in your dorm room. If I’m not there in the room with you & can follow the vibe, it can be really hard to follow sometimes.
    Glad you’re still ‘on air’.
    Some good indeed hilarious comments here.

    • OK, look, I don’t object to some constructive criticism, but this feedback went off the rails a bit, became somewhat self-referential. Come on, pull it together. This is a podcast comment, not movie night in your dorm room. If I’m not there in the room with you & can follow the vibe, it can be really hard to follow sometimes.
      Glad you still “comment.”
      Some good indeed hilarious comments here.