Ep 405 – Mormonleaks: Privacy Pratt Revealed


Posted October 1st, 2017

Matt and Tom sit down with the mormonleaks guys, Ryan and Ethan, as they update us on what’s been going on in the world of Mormon leaks.



  • Jason Jordan Smith

    Can confirm that Dehlin blocks people out of habit. I made a comment that he apparently didn’t like, and I was unable to comment thereafter. When I confronted him via IM, he gave me some bullshit story about how only people on his friends list can comment. Well, then I was apparently in his friends list at one point. Wait, no I wasn’t! In any case, if you don’t tow his line, you’re out….period! He left one cult and joined (or created) another.

    • Gabriel von Himmel

      Let all tribals unite in the name of faith or else.