Ep 197 – Mo-side Out Promo (Sunstone 2015 Teaser)


Posted July 25th, 2015

What will the Infants be talking about at Sunstone this year?


  • Hearing this promo was the closest I’ve come in forty-odd years to wanting to dust off the old hand cart and head back up to Salt Lake for the weekend. But I fasted and prayed and I think I’m good for another forty.

  • Will this be recorded for those who can’t go to Sunstone? Pleeeease?

    • Dan


  • Trent

    Dang you infants! I would totally be there if Sunstone wasn’t the one weekend I am out of town. +1 for recording.

  • Opens Jars

    Man… So sad to miss out on this!

  • Allison

    I would consider coming out of my all-things-mormon-retirement to see this if I could pay for a plane ticket with a wink and a smile. I’m sure it’s going to be great, you guys. Have Fun!!!

  • Sker

    There was really good stuff in all the Infant presentations. Hopefully they’ll all be available so the In-fans can be more culturally aware.