Ep 29 – Minisode – Ghost Story


Posted October 20th, 2013

Glenn shares a personal experience from his misguided youth and relates it to the power of fear.

  • Guest

    sketch this monster and load it onto imgur or something.

    • Glenn

      Dude, I’m in my early 40s. I don’t know what any of that means. Just be happy that I know how to podcast.

  • Guest2

    Great podcast, and as always, great editing. This is another great example of how emotional conditioning works in a religious context. I don’t believe in the supernatural at all, and found the “Highway to Hell” part of the story ridiculous. Still, driving to work in the dark, chills ran up my spine confirming the truthfulness of your story.

  • Joe_Utah

    I cannot believe anyone believed this story. I was calling BS (just like your friend) from the beginning.

    • Glenn

      Well aren’t you the mister smarty pants 🙂

      • 3GrandKeys

        When from a young age you hear adults you trust telling very similar stories about evil spirits or sensing evil power and then sincerely crying about how Jesus saved them from destruction it easily becomes a reality in your mind. I remember a seminary teacher telling us about missionaries who went to a “do not visit” house of some warlock or something and one of them ended up with his limbs tied up in knots. Another Sunday school teacher taught us how he’d seen Satan in person. And my mission president in Japan telling us how the “Hand Healers” (a religion in Japan, I forget the official name) used Satan’s power to heal people but the healings were deceptive and didnt last. Toss in Joseph Smith’s 3 Grand Keys of demon detection in LDS canon and yeah, I believed all that crap, and was terrified by it for a long time. I’d see a scary demon movie like The Ring and have to cleanse my house with the arm to the square cuz I was worried the movie had somehow invited real demons into our home.

  • Josh Segundo

    Great minisode. This is the third time i’ve heard this account from you – (first and second times were on another podcast…)

    But I think you’re being dishonest here. It MUST be true. The chill that runs up my spine EVERY time I hear it – that has to mean something, right?

  • Matty Jacobson

    I have been SO conditioned by my ex-faith! I was driving when I listened to this and just about peed myself listening to this story! Haha! I was waiting for it to be a dream. But, even in the LDS faith, a dream might as well be the real thing in some cases.