Ep 66 – The Minisode – Bob’s Faith Crisis to Music


Posted April 9th, 2014

Bob shares a few of his favorite songs, their hidden messages, and how they were (of course) written just for him and the narrative of his life. So climb in the passenger side and sing along.

  • Mike B.

    Bob, thank you for this! This minisode was a pleasant surprise for me today. It made 12 minutes of my Dallas commute more enjoyable. I’ve never been shy about singing in my car, glad to know I’m not alone. Those songs were right on for me, given that I just recently made my exit from Mormonism. Therapeutic. Thanks, man!

    • Strength in numbers! Lol, glad I’m not alone either and happy that this resonated with you.

      • Mike B.

        Well, looks like it was just me that it resonated with enough to comment. ha ha. Or, maybe
        it was your ‘falsetto moment’? I did want to add another thought about this minisode. Trying to swallow the ‘gold pill’ of Mormonism, when you discover that it’s really fool’s gold, makes it even worse. Especially, when it seemed so delicious for so many years. A lot more I could say, but, that analogy hits home. Thanks again!

        • Lol, yeah, in hindsight maybe I should have chosen the-quit-while-ahead approach after the first song rather than the double-down approach… But it feels good to be authentic! And my singing falsetto is part of that. 🙂

          I’ve had some people reach out to me directly, more so than for previous episodes. Maybe there’s a falsetto-by-association fear that comes with commenting publicly… Because you, Mike, obviously sing falsetto in the car too, right??

          • Mike B.

            I guess I can’t hide it. Yes, yes, I do. A lot. No shame, man. No shame.