Ep 430 – Matt’s Christmas Story: Putting the Jesus back in X-Mas


Posted December 27th, 2017

Matt shares a recording that he made with his family on Christmas eve, where he discusses his recent rediscovery the value of Jesus.


  • Swaggy

    A Jesus without the Christ.

  • Swaggy

    That was lovely, Matt. Thanks for sharing this moment with your family.

  • Success Guru

    Matt’s Christmas Story was pretty Eerie…. Same bias and errie feel I get when in the Mormon Church on a given Sunday. Its just Matt’s Gospel, really. I love Matt when participating. But this 21 Minute episode was just Gospel according to each of us, this one was Matt’s, Mormon Church’s is theirs on Sunday as each Church has their own. It’s all Eerie, to each their own.

    • Matt

      Thank you for this. I love this comment so much!

  • Jake

    I think maybe Matt has been meditating a bit too much. That was one strange IOT episode.

    • Jake

      I do like the idea of finding a way to celebrate Jesus and appreciate the season even as an atheist/agnostic.

    • Matt

      I know. Thanks. 🙂

  • Swaggy

    I often wonder how the early Christians worshipped and remembered Christ.

  • iknowthetapiristrue

    Listening to this I realize that I kind of miss the Jesus I loved when I was a kid, before I let Mormon Jesus whip my Jesus out of my life. So, I’ve decided to create my own Jesus. I mean, why not? Churches do it all the time. Thomas Jefferson did it. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John did it. Hell, who doesn’t? My Jesus laughs easily, doesn’t worry about what others think of him, is gentle and loving and accepting. My Jesus is kind and believes in living and letting live. So, I really like him — I like your Jesus too, Matt. Your Jesus is generous and a thinker. Know what I’m going to do? Combine them. Thanks.

    • Matt

      They can’t take what doesn’t belong to them. These stories and concepts are ours. They don’t own light and they don’t know Love. Light the world with your Jesus. Namaste.

  • Cameron

    Wow! Beautiful minisode. Since losing faith I have not been able to pinpoint how I feel about the whole Jesus thing. Thanks for articulately putting words to wgat I’ve been thinking.

    • Matt

      You’re welcome! Thank you for the kind comment. 🙂

  • Simon

    I like not this Matt… I hope the Matt that over-turns the table in the Temple returns soon!

    • Glenn

      I’m pretty sure he just did. It’s just in a different temple now (that you apparently liketh not. Interesting….).

  • Hammerheart

    This was a great , beautiful minisode. Thank you. I’ve been familiar with the Car Sagan piece from Cosmos since I was a little boy. I may not quite 100% agree with every word, but this was quite something. I might’ve picked a different GH song for the ending (Let It Be). Amazing. Sorry it seemed to weird out a few people (comments).

  • Bliss Doubt

    That was lovely. What you said seems related to a Hindu belief of some strain, that we are the only way God is expressed in this world, since God is never seen or heard physically (Joseph Smith’s experience notwithstanding).

    Anyway, I believe it too. I tried to explain something akin to the Jesus you’ve described, to my dear bible thumpers who were here at Christmas looking for a political brawl as usual, or looking for a cozy opinion bubble or echo chamber, who want to kick the “illegals” out of this country and build a wall to keep out those who have nothing, who leave family and friends, in fear and without the English language, to try to survive. Nevertheless, it did not go well.

    I also still love the holiday season with my rational mind. The birth of the divine child is something that happens inside of us, at the darkest time of the year, bringing that “thrill of hope”. At the other end of the cycle is the willingness to lay down one’s life for suffering humankind. In between is that call to take up the cross, and what you have described is, to me, the meaning of taking up the cross oneself.

    Yes, death is the whole imperative to love. How could you say all that without getting choked up? I cried just listening to you give this wonderful counsel to your kids.

    It could be said that Santa Claus is us too, the kiddie’s god. Once they learn he doesn’t come down the chimney to gift them, the next step is for the kiddies to learn to be the Santa Claus in peoples’ lives.