Ep 19 – Manacled Mormon in Sex Chains

Panel Discussion

Posted August 20th, 2013

Glenn, Tom, Jesse, and Randy have a panel discussion centered around the movie “Tabloid” which tells the story of an eccentric woman who kidnaps the Mormon missionary of her dreams. They are later joined by Matt to discuss the legal implications of the event.

  • Sheesh

    You guys are soooooo sheltered. 😉 She was a domme. And Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, they totally are magic. It’s okay, Glenn. It’s okay.

    Whether or not Jesus was a polygamist, what about Elohim? And so what they showed the symbols? The Godmakers do suck, however.

    And it’s a great doc. The funny factor is off the charts. 8/10

    • shenpa warrior

      I think calling her a domme gives a bad name to all the other dommes out there who aren’t batspit crazy rapists.

      • Glenn

        Interesting that you would take issue with this.

        • shenpa warrior

          How so?

  • Brad

    Greatest line ever

  • Charlie

    Thanks for a fun podcast. Missed you.

  • Jill Searle

    Just found you and I love your pod casts! I watched Tabloid and I don’t see the ‘high IQ’ she’s talking about. I just see crazy! I suppose uber intelligence can lead to crazy.

  • DontSpamMeBro

    Does anyone know if the missionary was sent home early or did he continue after all that crazy?

  • Francine Johnson McGee

    Kirk wasn’t exactly “hot” or used to having beautiful women throw themselves at his feet. She may have been swept him off his feet. Pretty sure at least some “heavy petting” happened before he repented and got whisked off to England to be reformed.

    Just because he felt guilty and wanted to get way from her doesn’t mean his hormones would no longer find her attractive enough to have a physical response, whether he wanted to or not. I am sure she was using everything in her “arsenal” to arouse him.

    I believe a man can be raped or at least assaulted. Does that rise to the same level of a violent stranger rape against a woman? No, but it still is assault, and could have been psychologically damaging, even if he wasn’t physically hurt.

    His story implies he escaped the first time his restraints were loosened, at the end of three days, which I don’t find credible. After all, I doubt she had a bedpan, and once he was unshackled to potty he should have been able to get away from her without any trouble. I tend to think he was kidnapped against his will and sexually assaulted, but may have softened up a bit at some time, then had a reality check or guilt check, then cut and run.

    In any case, the truth is probably a combination of both stories. It does seem rather sad that she doesn’t ever seem to have gotten over it, and this movie has only deranged her more.

  • Anon
    • Interesting story on male rape… but tip for future commenters, don’t post as “Anon” with a random link. It’s very easily confused for spam.

  • Refugee

    I well remember his case. The missionary was indeed allowed to complete his mission. I was on my mission in Germany at the time, and the German tabloids were having a heyday with this case . . .

  • Phil

    Thoroughly enjoyed this discussion, as I remember the incident so well, having been on a bishopric in the same stake in England at the time. I’ve even kept a folder of press clippings from then.
    Initially, we were put on alert and the missionaries were given special protection, before we realized it was so unique and not part of a bigger plot against the church.
    I also remember Jesus’s and Mary’s marital status, Kolob and Adam-God were seriously “taught” at that time, certainly in priesthood classes!

  • Dianne

    New listener here, so I know this is an old episode, but I had to say this. I’m so glad you called the detective at the end because I was about to put my fist through the screen when you started dismissing the experiences of men being raped and started trying to debate what kinds of rape were more violent and damaging. As they guy you called said, it is counterproductive and awful to try and rank the severity of rape. Physical and emotional violence are not immediately apparent to outsiders. Male rape victims already have a hard time being taken seriously, especially when raped by a woman.

    While we may never know what really happened in this situation, it blows my mind that you equated arousal with consent and then blamed him for not running. People react differently to fear, violence and emotional abuse and if he was kidnapped and then raped, you don’t get to dictate HOW raped he really was or how he should have behaved.