Ep 443 – Listener Essay: “Religious Family Members” by Peter

Listener Essay

Posted February 8th, 2018

How do you maintain a relationship with religious family members once you have left religion behind?  Today’s listener essay comes from Peter.  We are calling it “Religious Family Members.”  This is 2 of 14 essays to come over the next 2 weeks on Infants on Thrones.


  • Michael Mitchell

    Either you had a terrible childhood of abuse by your parents or you are the one that is “dickish.” There was no love here, no humanity. Be kind to your parents. Instead you cut love, even if their’s is not perfect, with apathetic reason, disregarding your relationships. I may agree with your underlying atheism or agnosticism, but I hope I never become this harsh.

    • windy_way8192

      I had the impression that he was restrained compared to the way they had treated him.

      • Pete Nixon

        Thanks, Michael.

        That’s what I was going for.

        • windy_way8192

          Windy 🙂

          • Pete Nixon

            Whoops, of course! sorry!

            Thanks, Windy!

    • Pete Nixon

      I wouldn’t say that I suffered abuse by my parents.

      Had I responded in kind, meaning I had taken the exact same tone that my father took with me, it would have come across as far more ‘dickish’ don’t you think?

      if that is the case, then I was being far kinder than my father was.

      If that is not the case, should I have responded in kind and told him about all of the things I now trust to be true and express my strong feeling that I hope he can come to believe the way I do? And close with an antitestimony of how I don’t know the church is true?

      I don’t know, I feel like we give too much to religious people, walking on eggshells and carefully speaking.

      I tried to be respectful but clear. Is there a particular part that you felt was too strong?