Ep 298 – Infants on Road Trips: The Sunstone


Posted August 23rd, 2016

Matt and Glenn talk about their recent experience at Sunstone and a bunch of other fun, thought-provoking, interesting stuff — including three-patterns like that one — and tease a few future episode topics.



  • Ryan Gregson

    I love the frenemyship of dehlin and the infants.

  • Tony Navarro

    I can see why some people might turn up their nose at Infants on Thrones. Y’all are the shock jocks of the Podderncle, the Crazy Ira & the Douche of Mormon-themed podcasting. It’s a presentation style that many people (especially those inculcated with LDS cultural values) find off-putting. That being said, the shock-jock wrapper is exactly how I like to interface with Mormonism as I continue dealing with the psychological, emotional, and social fallout of my faith transition. Sometimes your thoughts come out crass or immature, and that makes it feels more “real” and “honest” to me. Y’all say exactly what you (and oftentimes I) feel, without the subtext or double-speak that I found so pervasive in my life in the church. Besides, it’s not like you’re pretending you’re anything but “Infants on Thrones”, so I know exactly what I’m getting each time I download a new episode.

    And even with the rampant immaturity, IoT has produced discussions that I have found as deeply meaningful and helpful on my journey out as serious and thoughtful episodes of Mormon Stories or other podcasts. Thank you for all you do, and keep up the good work.

    PS And I gotta say I love random outbursts of absurdly edited sound bites and extended intro/outro sequences. They’re one of my favorite things about IoT.

    • And mostly, most of the time, they are not boring, which to someone like myself with a short attention span and low tolerance for dilute discourse, is important. I need little trinkets of humor and appalling immaturity dropped along the way to keep me engaged. And there’s always John and Heather to raise the bar a tad, or at least keep it off the ground.

    • Ashley1313

      Crazy Ira & the Douche made me laugh out loud because I’m picturing some sort of bizarro world where Ira Glass is a shock jock who hosts an Idiocracy, dudebro version of This American Life sponsored by Mountain Dew.

      • Tony Navarro

        Haha! I’m really not that clever, though. Just making a Parks and Rec reference.

  • sotteson

    Now I regret even more than I already did that I missed Sunstone this year. Instead I was cursed by God with a sick kid in the hospital. #thanksobama Seriously, I hope to go next year and see you all. IoT has helped me a ton as humor has proved to be a great way for me to process a lot of the crap that goes with leaving the church.

  • Orrin Dayne

    Glenn, you had me at “Holiday Road” …

    I enjoyed the discussion regarding trading down. I would hope that, if you pinned Dehlin down, he’d express the same nuance you expressed, that is, moving away from Mormon morality is not inherently a trade down or a trade up. There can be trades up (wine-infused family home evenings, some divorces) and trades down (substance addiction, some divorces). The ups and downs of decisions are merely part of life. That said, I also think the counsel to be responsible is wise, given those risking a trade down are risking substantial impacts that extend beyond themselves to their spouses and their children. (O be wise; what can I say more?)

    Matt, I’m glad to hear that you are reinvigorated. Yours is an important voice, and not just because it sounds like Seth Rogan.

    P.S. I now have my mug and t-shirts. Thanks for having the mail order option as Sunstone wasn’t an option for me!