Ep 396 – Infants on Rick and Morty – Episode 1


Posted August 23rd, 2017

Randy, Jake, Heather, and John discuss the mind-blowingly intelligentertainmentism that is Rick and Morty. And honest, that is totally a real-ish-tic word.





  • Ice Profet

    The Fridge approves of Rick and Morty, there is much truth therein 🙂


    But seriously, I enjoyed the episode a lot, I find myself always joining the conversion as I drive to work, keep it up guys I’m all for finding a new horse to beat to death!

  • James Crane

    I am in the military and move every 4 to five years. I am routinely ready to move when the time comes. I can’t imagine living in one place for an extended period of time. I tire of heaven if it lasted more than 5 years too.

  • Daniel

    ~19:30 reminds me of A Short Stay in Hell. It’s written by a Mormon writer and deals with the concept of eternity and how long people should live, be married, do the same thing, etc. I think you all would enjoy it.