Ep 325 – Infant Mannequin Challenge


Posted November 21st, 2016

Listen in as all nine Infants hold HILARIOUS poses for the current all-the-rage Mannequin Challenge.  You’ll never believe who shows up to pose along with us!










  • Thomas Moore
  • Jas Hans

    So when can I tell the wife that it’s officially OK to spank the monkey?

  • Gabriel von Himmel

    My Mama told me, “it’s alright to do it but don’t get caught,” but she was an unreliable narrator. Based on her advise I beleive I have been irredeemably harmed for time and eternity.
    Great podcast on Infant Mannequin Challenge

    • Onionskinner

      Yes, you had a bad childhood, Michael. I can help you find a therapist.

  • Very good! I saw nothing but the progress bar move for the duration of Elder Packer’s talk. Speaking of which, if the Lord could make the sun stand still in the heavens for the better part of a day (Joshua 10:13), how hard could it be to suspend the updating of the progress bar until Elder Packer was finished? Now that would have been impressive!

    I am glad, however, to have Elder Packer’s timeless talk enshrined for time and eternity in an Infants Minisode. I think there will continue to be those out there who need to hear it. Like some of the young men who work at the Starbucks in my neighborhood, the one across the street from the University, the young men who go a bit heavy (for my taste) on the eye makeup. It wouldn’t surprise me much at all to learn that they had tampered with their little factories on occasion. Weird though, isn’t it, how, outside of the context of the so-called LDS Church, even thinking about someone else’s little factory tampering can make you feel like a bit of a pervert. Maybe if I hold rill still for a rilly long time . . .

  • DJ jRON

    I’m confident wherever you find yourself in the wake of this most awesome era of political fallout that we can all cum together in appreciating this gem of a “talk”. Now that im on the other side of the rabbit hole I have atleast tamped down attachments of intense inner moral anguish that mormons instill with deep seated guilt in a sexual manner.

    Mormon men in authority such as this are such perverts, their depravity knows no bounds. Any ill thoughts I had towards my more left leaning infant friends are erased and and your positive karma hp points are maxed out one thousand fold simply for possessing the genious it takes to play this CREEPY CREEPY talk over such perfectly selected audio bed.

    Well done