Ep 389 – Infant Hang Out July 2017

Panel Discussion

Posted July 26th, 2017

A little mid-week bonus for you. What do Happiness, Nancy Rigdon, Science, Reiki, Chakras, Patriarchal Blessings, and Artful Swearing all have in common? They are all dots on the colorful landscape of today’s panel discussion between Glenn, John, Heather, Tom, Randy, and a few special listeners. Enjoy.






  • The 61% phenomena is not just a Mormon thing, it’s a White Male America thing. Trump embodies everything we should be disgusted with. Everything we are disgusted with. But also everything we wish we had the balls to do ourselves. White Male America wants to fly around in jetliners with gold plated toilet seats and get away with sexually assaulting strange women because they (the men) are too rich and too famous to ever be called on it. White Male America, which is way, way, way over-represented in the House and Senate, are living vicariously through Trump. They are imagining themselves as the outlaw folk hero they’ve always wanted to be. Don’t expect the legislature ever to try to rein Trump in. He’s their dream come true. And the denizens of the Politically Correct / Social Justice Warrior snow globe, who thought (and still think) they had irrevocable control over social policy and regulation in this country, can do nothing but watch it happen.

    So yes, Randy, fuckin’ do it.

    Embrace the Void, y’all!