Ep 274 – Hard to Find Mormon Videos: The Podcast


Posted April 17th, 2016

Today, Tom and Jake are joined by Tom Doggett, the man behind the Hard-to-Find Mormon Videos channel on YouTube, to discuss the origins of the project and the goldmine that is the LDS media archive. For those that grew up on such national treasures as Cipher in the Snow or Johnny Lingo, this is gonna be an eight-cow episode.

(To take a look at That Which Was Lost, click here.)



  • articulett

    Get out my life… (giggles) 20:35

  • CuriousTim

    Great episode! Just FYI, Min’s penis was removed from 1878 to 1976. You can read about it starting on page 52, here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tz1iy4q7w39wvor/The%20Book%20of%20Abraham%20Criticisms%20Defenses%20and%20Implications.pdf

  • Natalee

    Ok…. did you get this idea from my FB post 😉 so glad I can contribute !

    • That was you?? You’re an angel!

      • Natalee

        You got it! Late night, some wine and I stumbled on this gem. Hours and hours of entertainment; )

  • Zombie

    Holy Cow Jake. I have also been looking for that hippy turtle video forever. I have a similar relationship with that video. On my mission I used to watch that video and laugh at it. I haven’t seen in over 15 years, until today.

    I also used to also watch and laugh at the “The Genesis Project” bible videos. There was an LDS version of those videos too. My favorite is when Jesus cast the evil spirits into some pigs and the pigs ran off a cliff. In the “The Genesis Project” video you can clearly see that a real pig was used and that the pig was pushed of the cliff. I used to start every District meeting by showing that clip. Damn I was a rebel.

    • Zombie

      Here is what I was talking about:


      • Zombie

        At the 1:26:26 time mark.

        • Thomas Moore

          Wow! Now days PETA or ASPCA is on movie sets specifically for these reasons. Of course Mel Gibson’s snuff film of Jesus is probably worse.

        • These folks filmed the entire Bible? Even though one pig does not a “herd of swine” make, it doesn’t look like they did an entirely shitty job of it. Wow.

        • hetaira

          Ever wonder what the swineherd thought about this solution? Seems kind of a raw deal for him. And the pigs.

    • That pig clip is intense! That probably took care of catering for the next couple of days on the set, but still…

      It’s odd that all the lines are dubbed. Are the actors speaking in Aramaic or something?

  • Thomas Moore

    Umm! I thought Tom Doggett sounded more like Thomas Lennon from Reno 911 or the new Odd Couple. Just my opinion. https://youtu.be/WRmqvjHBVzM Great job and now I have so many “movies” to watch. Jake, I know you grew up in AZ… Therefore you may not have watched Tom Trails. However I grew up in Joseph City and we were asked by my Seminary teacher if we could watch it without our racist attitudes. Tom Trails was Navajo and being so close to the reservation, many Whites held prejudices against the Navajos. So I remember watching the movies. As it turned out, later in life, I met the original Tom Trails who had become an inactive Mormon and later reactivated. He’s still very proud of that “film strip” series.

    • Love Thomas Lennon! Yes, I can definitely hear the resemblance. Doggett just has an irresistible voice 🙂

      I never was exposed to Tom Trails before this episode, which is a bit surprising since I grew up in Show Low. That’s awesome that you met the real guy!

      • Thomas Moore

        I was going to add, I was on my mission during 1983-85 and part of my missionary tools was that we had to have a film projector and tape recorder for our “discussions”. This was so we could play film strips like “I’ll build you a Rainbow” and “The First Vision” and “Man’s search for happiness”. We had about 10-12 of these things and would show the film strips on people’s T.V.s or white walls.

  • Sounds like a treasure trove of my kind of entertainment. I’ll have to check it out.

    I once saw a one-woman-show by Sandra Bernhard, who I adored at time; besides being a scream comedically, she looked like somebody had turned Juliette Lewis up to 11 or 12. Anyway, she was on stage singing and doing stand-up for well over an hour while some poor lady, who probably worked for the university she was appearing at, tried to translate her entire act into ASL. The translator, who looked like a middle aged woman with grown kids and maybe grandkids, dutifully shot the audience an enthusiastic finger each time Sandra said “fuck” or “fuck you” (apparently that’s ASL for that term), and Sandra said “fuck” and “fuck you” lots and lots of times.

    When the performance was over, people were laying bouquets of flowers on the stage at Sandra’s feet. To her credit (I thought) Bernhard walked over to the ASL lady and bowed to her then gave her a big hug and then scooped up three or four of the bouquets and gave them to her.

    Yes, blow -by-blow real time ASL translation can actually add quite a bit of entertainment value as well as accessibility for folks who need it.

    • Travis Gower

      I think it was This American Life that once featured a story about a comedian noticing an ASL interpreter do a hilarious sign for a raunchy part of his act. At that point, he launched into a slew of profanities and descriptions of sexual acts. But I can’t for the life of me remember the comedian. Anyone?

      EDIT: Maybe… Jeff Ross?

      • Scott B

        This probably isn’t what you’re thinking of, but it’s what popped up in my mind when I read the comment. https://youtu.be/b7rN6-G5hbI

        Pam from Archer tells about dirty ASL interpretation on Conan.

  • I realize it might not belong here, being a commercial release that you can actually find at the video store (if you can find one of those), but why is “Sons of Provo” never mentioned when Mormon flicks are being talked about?. People go on and on about how good or bad the Dutcher flicks were or weren’t, and Singles Ward, etc., etc., but “Sons of Provo” never comes up. good, bad or otherwise. What am I missing?

    • Thomas Moore

      The Mormon films are from LDS inc. and/or BYU. There are many Mollywood films. These are for profit endeavors and usually straight to DVD for Mormon audiences (ID, UT and AZ). So even though Mormons or Mormon themed, they are not approved or ran through committees by or for LDS, inc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LDS_cinema

    • Ryan Gregson

      Its secular predecessor, 2ge+her, isn’t discussed enough either.

  • albertinamel

    These videos are pure gold. It’s one of my favorite YouTube channels. I especially *love* the late 60s videos, like “For Time or Eternity?” whose Vegas scene has a total Austin Powers vibe. (Thanks, HTFMV!!!) It wasn’t just the Mormons who were lecturing kids about the dangers of hippies and acid. The country was obsessed with it, especially after the Manson family murders broke. This old Dragnet episode could have totally been written by a Mormon. (It gets good starting at 17:50). ===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eBPWwxOKwQ

    • That’s a trip in itself! June Cleaver and friends do acid to mid-’50s beatnik music. Don’t get me started. I kicked a really vicious Nick@Nite addiction back in 2001 and have been clean all these years. Mostly.

    • sotteson

      My FIL was the lead on “For Time or Eternity?”! He works for the church in the COB. I like how the woman feels like her only choices are to run off to Vegas right then to get married or to dump him so she can get married in the temple someday. Great stuff.

  • Seth L.

    Awesome episode. Loves the movie audio clipped in. Keep up the good work. These old videos are kinda insane but so tied into Mormon Culture.

  • gyntro

    I am VERY interested in doing some MST3K commentary tracks on these videos. One of my my girlfriend and my favorite hobby is watching these old videos and re-envisioning our mormon upbringing through these videos.

    • Kyle Elser

      Me too!

  • Brandon

    My all time favorite church video is, What About Thad. So sad, the last scene of Thad looking through the primary window, then walking away because no one wanted him.

    Is it me, or does it seem like most of the early church videos are filmed in Mesa area?

    • Travis Gower

      That was always our favorite… to laugh at. But yes, very sad. (That kid sure hauls some serious ass during the scene where he runs away. You know, right after, “No! I’m never coming back again!”)

  • Marc young

    I am a big fan of Paul F. Thompkins. (I actually watch NYSU with my son–he likes the puppets.) And I didn’t pick up that Tom sounded like Thompkins. But once I heard it, I couldn’t unhear it.

  • DontSpamMeBro

    Whoa, when he mentioned the Forest Grove stake center, I was just driving into Forest Grove. Chills.

    • Travis Gower

      And of course, that old building is not the FG stake center anymore. The new one is out by the high school. The old one is now just “the Leon building.” Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

  • Zelph

    You guys have to be to able to locate one of the actors and do a smack down with them on the “That which was lost” video

  • Shannon

    I can hardly wait to rewatch Johnny lingo. And also the video where the teenage girl is snotty to her mom before the school dance, and when the mom goes to buy pantyhose for her snotty daughter she DIES IN A CAR ACCIDENT! I still have a tiny panic attack whenever a) I’m not super nice to someone running an errand for me or b) I have to buy pantyhose. Thank you Tom! I’m sending a virtual high five and agree with Jake that you’re doing the lord’s work.

  • Kyle Elser

    Fat Fighters! Wow, just wow!

    • Kyle Elser

      11:32 ‘Dawn’s been eating ice Cream all winter’

      Therapy dude does creepiest lip lick!

  • LTJFan

    What’s the video where they talk about the church taking up all the family time?

  • mimosachan

    I graduated from seminary in 1976. We loved Tom Trails– because it meant a frigging break from regular seminary.

    And, there was a movie that we used to watch every year that even the seminary teachers thought was hilarious. The teens in it are going to Eagle City to buy some beer. Tom Doggett– do you have any idea what it was?

  • Zena Kay, IBCLC

    I have a VHS copy of the original version of WINDOWS OF HEAVEN. My great grandfather was in the part they cut out. He also helped with the horses and training the actors to work with them for the production. So, they family got a bunch of copies for everyone when we found out about the revision. How do I get in touch with Tom Doggett?

  • Zena Kay, IBCLC

    I have a VHS copy of the original version of WINDOWS OF HEAVEN. My great grandfather was in the part they cut out. He also helped with the horses and training the actors to work with them for the production. So, the family got a bunch of copies for everyone when we found out about the revision. How do I get in touch with Tom Doggett?

  • Vander42

    Haven’t listened to the episode yet …….. But thank you for highlighting another YouTube channel. It looks interesting.

    Now I can catch up on all the church videos I missed due to being a part member family outside of the Mordor.

  • Aussie Infants Fan

    That Which Was Lost is my all time favourite. Saw it for the first time on my mission 17 years ago, and have been talking about it since – so glad I found it again! “Rows and rows of blades and blades”.