Ep 350 – Froback Friday – Book of Abraham Smackdown


Posted March 9th, 2017

Travel back in time to August 2014 for one of our first smackdown episodes as Jake, Bob, Randy, Scott, and Glenn discuss the then-recent essay on The Book of Abraham from LDS.org.






  • Ophanim

    it’s clear that the translation of the figures in the facsimiles is wrong, but what about the text? What are the likely sources on abraham that joseph used to write this? I remember reading this piece in dialogue about these islamic writings quisas al anbiya?

    • Jose Galdamez

      The writings of Josephus are a good start. Grant Palmer discusses the links in his book “An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins.” There are a few others. Let’s not forget a good portion of the text is simply ripped straight out of Genesis. Mormon scripture sure loves its biblical reruns.

  • Cliff

    I like angry Jake

  • Jose Galdamez

    Much thanks for reposting these. I only started listening about a year ago. These earlier episodes are pure gold. So is this BOA smackdown really where TBM Whisperer began?

  • Ed Goble

    My name is Ed Goble. The rough draft of my newest article is this: https://www.academia.edu/36428246/The_Principles_of_Book_of_Abraham_and_Kirtland_Egyptian_Papers_Symbolism
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