Ep 376 – For the Strength of Youth – 1965 Edition

Panel Discussion

Posted May 28th, 2017

Don’t you miss the good old days of pure American apple pie values?  You know, before all those damn hippies and liberals ruined it all?  Well lament no more, cuz today Heather, Randy, and Bob explore the treasure that is the 1965 edition of the LDS For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.  Now let’s all go out and just make America great again!




  • TrumpDerangementSyndrome

    Glad to see Randy sticking up for the morals we ex-mormons espouse–hating and disowning our own siblings for not believing and voting the way we do.

    • Thomas Moore

      Are you really Glad nameless troll? Cuz he never disowned or spouted any hate toward his sibling.

      • LittleManTroll

        Thanks for the replies guys. Keep up the good work 😎

    • Randy_Snyder

      Wow, you made that name (anonymously) and all to show your love of a buffoon. If you’re an exMo like you imply, you don’t get sarcasm or irony. Puts you in rarified air. You should be proud to be so special. But that’s an awfully cute straw man you’ve built there. Put it up on the mantle, little man.

      • LittleManTroll

        Anonymous because I’d prefer to keep our professional relationship intact.

        Love for a buffoon? Hardly. Didn’t vote nor support the guy.

        I know you personally and know you to be a good guy but doesn’t mean I can’t call you out. Love ya buddy, glad to know a big man such as yourself😎

        • Randy_Snyder

          Great. Now I’m gonna question everyone I know professionally to find out who you are. Lol!

        • Jason Jordan Smith

          Yay! More distorted, polarizing Trump charicatures on IOT! Or is it SJWOT?

    • Glenn

      Smart to use a pseudonym here. Not smart to publicly display your inability to be kind and seek understanding. Of course Randy feels sadness, disappointment, frustration, and probably a bit of anger about a political and religious disconnect he has with a sister who he loves and desires to be more aligned with. That is a far far cry from hating or disowning. But a kind and thoughtful approach obviously didn’t fit the quasi-clever barb you thought you were fashoning to stick in his side just to make your sad anonymous self feel whatever it is that made you feel. Which tells me a little something about what motivates you to act when no one else’s looking (or can trace it back to you). Gross.

      • SadAnonymousSelf

        Glenn nailed it (as always). I’m gross.

        • Glenn

          I meant the motivation is gross. But I guess when you nail it, you nail it, regardless of what “it” is.

    • Swaggy

      You don’t care about Randy’s sister. You just want to protect your precious Fuhrer.

      • Jason Jordan Smith

        Fuhrer? Pfftttt…..not EVEN close.

        • Right. Not even close. Hitler, as far as I know, was beholden to no one. Trump serves entirely at Putin’s discretion.

  • Susan Mowers

    So I committed the capital sin of having my hair short during my BYU days. Not “cute bob short,” mind you – no, I was full-on pixie cut short. I had more than my fair share of comments from guys and gals suggesting that I’d look more feminine with longer locks. And as far a dancing goes – I think they wanted those 60s Mormons to look as stiff and “white” as possible – hence “posture” (have you seen Eddie Murphy’s take on walking like a white guy?!) Let’s not forget that many hip-and-shoulder-shaking moves came from those of a certain minority persuasion. (I love how they try everything in their vocabulary power to talk about something without mentioning by name. i.e. Elvis and them blacks and their evil, devil-worshiping dance moves.) haha!

  • Jason Jordan Smith

    FYI: the return and report thing in the temple (Elohim telling Jesus to tell Michael to tell Adam, etc) is actually a relic from Freemasonry. At the opening or closing of a lodge meeting, the Worshipful Master instructs the Senior Warden to instruct the Junior Warden to inform the Craft that lodge is about to be open or closed, set to labor, etc. Thought I should mention that little factoid since the topic was broached in this episode.

  • I was driving along with my 13-year old daughter when Randy, in great detail, described watching the Nutcracker from the front row. I thought she’d be horrified, but we both had a good laugh. Thanks to Randy, Heather and Bob for one of my favorite podcasts in a while.

  • Blair

    I think old, white guys from Utah just get jealous of young people doing things their bodies aren’t capable of anymore, like vigorous dancing–or masturbation.

    Seriously, though, a few months back I helped my students research 60’s dance crazes for their homecoming lip-sync, and the stuff that pamphlet says you shouldn’t do while dancing is exactly what people were doing back then–the twist, the jerk, the mashed potato, the freddy, the bend-it, and too many others to list.

    • Don’t you dare forget the Funky Chicken.

      • Blair

        I bet if you try the funky chicken with perfect posture you fall over. Maybe those old church leaders inadvertently–and ironically–made something MORE fun?

        • Boy, you’ve got a point there! I didn’t think about perfect posture. You’d break something for sure.