Ep 348 – Evaluating Evidence: Trump Dossier Ep. 4 – Cyber Crime, Crimea, and China


Posted March 3rd, 2017

Scott, Matt, and Glenn read the next two portions of the Trump Dossier that deal with Russian cyber crime, and Paul Manafort’s role in softening the Republican National Committee’s platform on Crimea.




  • Ivan Drago

    Hey guys, while you’re at it doing a series based on the premise that there’s something inherently nefarious about US politicians communicating with the Russians, you might want to mention basic background facts like Obama hosting the Russian ambassador 22 times at the White House. You know, if it’s just the facts and truth that you’re going after. http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/02/russian-ambassador-sergey-kislyak-appeared-as-obama-white-house-visitor-at-least-22-times/

    • Which of Obama’s conversations with the Russian ambassador did he lie about under oath?

  • dontneedaleader

    Another confirmatory tie-in on the issue of concealment of Trump Organization’s bribes to foreign governments — the first bill he signed in office removes disclosures requirement. Here is a link to one of the many reports from various press outlets. This is pertinent re: deal between Exxon and Putin re 500 billion dollar oil drilling contract put on hold due to Obama sanctions on Russia for Ukraine invasion. Rex Tillerson, who negotiated the deal with Putin as Exxon CEO, made US Secretary of State

    Another report I’ve seen is the information that 19% interest in the state-owned Russian oil company Rosneft was recently sold to a foreign buyer — Putin would have made the decision to sell. The identity of the buyer is murky.

    Keep up the good work. I applaud you for going through this dossier. Looking forward to your next installment.

  • David Skidmore

    1:04:00 – I think we might understand the facts surrounding the Ukraine/Crimea differently. It seemed at the time, and still does, to be the most blatant coup in history led by McCain and the US State Department (Victoria Nuland). And you are telling me that it was Russia. What am I missing?

  • Kathleen Gienger

    So I have been quietly listening for two years now and have never commented though I did fan girl at the last Sunstone Utah event. But I just wanted to say I really like these discussions about the Dossier. As I feel that what is happening in the world right now is so much bigger then what the church is doing. Not that I don’t feel the church is unimportant but I am taking every opportunity I can to better understand what is happening in the American government right now and how it will effect the wider world. Granted I had my two years to process my departure from mormonism and am ready to move on. But really my point is that this long time silent fan is happy her favorite podcast is adding to this important discussion.

  • Gabriel von Himmel

    Perception Management,

    How we got here from there –– SHARE THE FANTASY
    I feel like I’m being fed heaping bowls of ergot Post Toasties, what with Kellyanne bouncing on the Whitehouse Furniture and The Donald tweeting his heart out on stuff he makes up in the middle of the night while Idolators screech 3 minutes hate. Sanguine I am not.

    Hyper Normalisation 2016


    Not easy to see how history reminds us of our short memories.
    The Mormon Experience is merged into the Perception Management Complex, and so it goes….

    Trump is the perfect demagogue to inherit the office he spent 4 years denigrating.
    His (ponzi) bait & switch cynicism makes him the person we deserve.

    • That’s a hell of a long watch, but very interesting. During the campaign some media outlets admitted that the reason that they didn’t take Trump to task on all of his bizarre ideas and crude statements is that every time he opened his mouth he emitted a shit storm of inanity that defied anyone to analyze and respond to it point by point; no one had the time or resources. What I’d like to know is how much of this behavior is calculated and how much is just Trump’s baked-in blend of narcissism and incompetence.

      According to the HyperNormalisation video the Putin machine does this all the time on purpose. They do whatever they want and then say a bunch of crap about it that is a mixture of truth and lies and nonsense and while the people and the press and the foreign intelligence services are analyzing the garbage they dumped, they are on to the next item on their agenda basically unhindered. It’s brilliant if that’s what they’re doing. And, oh what a consummate garbage dumper they have found in Trump.

  • nova_zembla

    CIS stands for the Commonwealth of Independent States, which is like an association of the post-Soviet countries (except the Baltics, and Georgia). CIS emigres = people from post-Soviet countries living abroad, not necessarily Russians, but certainly Russian speakers.

  • Park Lee

    It’s really funny how Jake gets shit for apparently not knowing the ‘facts’ when he seems to be far better grounded in the real facts then Scott and Matt. Your assumptions that the DNC leaks is Russian relating just goes to show you how easily you have fallen for a propaganda narrative for which no evidence even exists. The CIA is literally spoon feeding propaganda down your throats and you are eating it all up. If you did due diligence in researching some of this, something Jake suggests, rather than go with your emotions off conjecture and claims with no evidence backing it up you would see how baseless the Russian hacking the election, DNC “hacks” and how unreliable and silly the Trump Dossier is regardless of your political aversion, apathy or love for Trump.

    You guys are all stuck on the political Left vs Right mindset when it’s really about One massive power structure starting to lose control ( for which the bush family, clintons, mccain, and yes even obama to mention only a few belong to ) vs a new one that Trump will bring in. The ‘deep state’ so to speak has been pushing micro aggression towards Russia for over a decade now. Syria, crimea and Ukraine are simply great examples of the west outright lying and American media being in bed with the current power structure pushing the narrative that Russia is the aggressors and lying. Not so as Elder Packer likes to say. A ton of wonderful and objective journalists that don’t take speaking orders much like most of the US media have clearly and painstakingly laid all this out on the table for all to see over the years, but I suppose its easier to comfortable stick your head in the sand and pretend the narrative the US media is feeding you despite numerous leaks showing that they will take barking orders when told to bark over their job of real journalism.

    Since you guys really don’t understand very well events happening in the world at the moment and what is actually going on maybe look into the actual leaks from wikileaks to enlighten yourselves. You have interviews from Assange, which clearly you guys haven’t even checked out. You have very credible people like Craig Murray backing up eveyrthing Assange says, you have some great french journalism pointing out the lies of the Obama administration and a fuck ton of good journalism showing the west lying about what has been going on with Ukraine, Crimea, and recently Syria. I do appreciate you all venturing into the political and world events. It’s fun… but my god Scott and Matt don’t give Jake shit when you guys are are fucking clueless to what is actually happening. This isn’t about Trump its something way bigger happening and you guys are so far off the mark its infuriating to hear you push into Jake for being cautious about taking events as fact with NO EVIDENCE when you guys are actually pushing fake news and propaganda.

  • dontneedaleader

    MSNBC Rachel Maddow – confirming the paymaster of Russian manipulation of US election from Chris Steele’s dossier confirmed


  • dontneedaleader

    Whole hour from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on various corroborations of the dossier

    • It says, “This video is private,” and it won’t play. The other one was certainly interesting.

  • Birthers Vindicated
  • Cosette Birtcher

    Okay but the best part of this episode? The Will Smith throwback! Bienvenido a Miami!

  • dontneedaleader

    OK, so you know that the FBI interviewed Steele twice and discussed paying him to continue to in investigate. In the end Steele worked for them for free. They have an open investigation into these allegations. The dossier is clearly neither a fraud nor a joke. Matt, I think you know, as a former prosecutor, that Trump and his crowd are hip deep in corruption.