Reuben Langdon is an international stuntman, actor, filmmaker, and video game star who has worked on movies like Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Power Rangers, Scott Pilgrim, and others. He is also the creator of the original docuseries “Interviews with Extra Dimensionals” which you can find on Gaia.
In 2013 Reuben co-produced “The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure,” an event that brought together 40 witnesses from 10 different countries to testify in front of 6 former members of U.S. congress regarding evidence that the world is being visited by Extraterrestrials. To date it is the most concentrated body of evidence and testimony ever put into one place and one time on the Extraterrestrial subject.
I hope that you enjoy today’s interview. I’d really like to know what you think about this topic. We are going to be exploring quite a bit of it over the next several weeks. What do you think about UFOs? Alien abductions? Extra-dimensional channeling? You put a peepstone in a hat and start dictating what it shows you – who’s to say that’s not some extra-dimensional channeling right there? What do you think? Come take a few minutes to fill out the new survey on Extra-terrestrials and add your voice to the mix.
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