Ep 525 – Culture vs. Doctrine


Posted October 4th, 2018

What is the difference between Mormon culture and “the gospel?”  You don’t have to be anti-mormon-crusader-extraordinaire Jeremy Goff or privately censured General Authority Ronald E. Poelman to see there is a distinction between the culture and the gospel.  Unless of course you remove the biasing blinders from your eyes and finally see that there really is no distinction at all.  Listen in as Glenn smacks down another goofy video from Jeremy Goff and revisits the Elder Poelman 1984 kerfuffle. This episode will change the way you eat green jello!


  • John

    Goff’s logic is really hard to follow, also, in the spirit of mocking, I love how he mispronounces common words with regularity.

  • Brrrrr

    So Jeremy Goff must have received some calling to go forth on the internet and be righteous? Otherwise why would he be listed in the “I am a Mormon” section of Mormon.org? Where btw all the photos look like prescription drug or tampon ads of kayaking, horseback riding happy people.

  • Dale Lowry

    From the stuff you said that followed, I am sure you said some brilliant things in the first 8 minutes of the podcast, but I was singing along with The Culture Club tracks so I didn’t hear them. (Seriously, I replayed minute 7 about 4 times to try to process what you were saying about the blurry line between doctrine and culture, but the lyrics of “Karma Kameleon” kept spewing forth from my vocal chords. Gen X problems.)

    Enjoying these Goff takedowns … except for having to listen to Goff. The Culture Club is a cheery antidote.

  • Delaney Darco

    I am so glad you tacked on that Poelman episode at the end. That was one of the things that really hit me hard when I was in mormon-podcast-sponge-mode fresh after leaving. Wow, straight down the memory hole, 1984 style. Even after reading the CES letter I was still learning all these things about the church that pissed me off, like editing the Poelman talk. I had no idea how dishonest the church was and how sneaky they can be to control the narrative. The Poelman talk was a major part of my distopian fiction idea for obvious reasons.

    As for the Church’s culture vs doctrine, the doctrine breeds the culture. By their fruits ye shall know them. Take all the zealotry and bad things we blame on the “culture” of the church, and amp them up to eleven. Now that’s a great culture for a dystopia. Great episode.