Ep 523 – Smackdown: A Manual for Creating Atheists, Part 4 – RELATIVISM


Posted September 23rd, 2018

What is relativism?  Is it okay for anyone to believe anything that they want?  Where do you draw the line between what is okay to critique and what is off limits?  Today Glenn, Matt, Tom, Delany, and Chelsea discuss RELATIVISM.




  • John

    More Chelsea please. She’s awesome.

    • Delaney Darco

      I agree.

  • Aaron

    Hi guys, great job on this series. I’ve really been enjoying it.

    The discussion brought up a topic that I was hoping you were going to get into. If the conclusion you arrived at was that you can’t judge actions/ morality outside of a cultural context, how do you approach judging things within a multicultural society like ours? Especially in terms of things like voting on public policy, where the outcome will affect people of different cultures one way or the other? This is especially relevant in places like Utah where mormons and non mormons have to coexist somehow, and have strong, often diametrically opposed moral opinions about policy.

    • Delaney Darco

      That’s a really good point. I think the best thing to do is keep advocating for the policies you want, educating, having discussions. Chelsea talked about the arc or transition of people’s attitudes about something, and it takes time. I guess the trick is to break down the differences in moral opinion.