Ep 505 – Seven Deadly Heresies: The Smackdown, Part 4


Posted July 22nd, 2018

Glenn, John, Bob, Randy and Mike discuss #5 and #6 of McConkie’s deadly heresies.  Namely, that people can progress from kingdom to kingdom in the eternities (#5) and that Adam is our God, the father of our spiritual and physical bodies, who traveled to earth from another planet (#6.)  It’s a fun discussion that also explores the historical influenced on the “Monarch in the Sky” concept of God, as explained by Alan Watts.  It’s a great episode.  Enjoy.





  • J Mac

    Didn’t Elder E. Eldon Elderman get excommunicated?

  • J Mac

    The whole “blacks got demoted because they sat on the fence in pre-mortality,” never made sense to me, so why should Mormon eternal life?

  • Thomas Moore

    Just a few things; I grew up in the “Gnostic” Mormonism of the church. It was the time of Saturday’s Warrior and My Turn on Earth. It was the time of belief in Glowing auras and Prophets/Apostles having weekly meetings with Jesus. So the whole growing in intelligence, spirituality and kingdoms was taught and discussed often when I was in Seminary and firesides. We would speculate that Celestial cows could become a human intelligence and gain a human spirit body as it grows through the Eternities; all part of Moses Chapter 3 where everything was created spiritually before physically.

    So? I had heard of BY’s Adam/God theory and how “out there it was” and how it was just speculation. yet, in 1999 the Gnostic Gospels were found and behold!!!! The Gospel of Judas is Adam God theory, Adamas became Adam and Zoe became Eve and Seth became Christ. So how did Brigham know this hundreds of years before Nag Hammadi library and The Gospel of Judas was found? Is this another Lucifer trick?!?! http://scriptural-truth.com/PDF_Apocrypha/The%20Gospel%20of%20Judas.pdf

  • Dale Lowry

    Glenn—”My Religion” by Helen Keller (yes, that Helen Keller) is a pretty good introduction to Swedenborgianism. Short and readable.