Ep 500 – Missionary Discussions: The Smackdown, Part 1


Posted June 13th, 2018

Glenn is joined by two never-mo’s, Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson of The Steady Trade Podcast, to begin smacking down the missionary discussions that Glenn used as a missionary back in the early 1990’s.


  • Talk about the paragon of tedium! Not the podcast so much as the “discussion” patter. Ouch.

    Never was there underwear more magical than the venerable Wife Beater and I’m sure that by the end of the “discussion” Stephen had been led to be a faithful disciple of Jeff Mormon, but I can’t listen anymore. This is worse than “chloroform in print;” this is going to leave me with a prodigious hangover.

    • Gabriel von Himmel

      Thanks for the glowing overview Ralph.
      With a criticism like yours I need no other insight.

      • I want to be clear that I couldn’t make it through THIS episode. I will always check in with IOT to see what’s up—or down or sideways. The high pressure “commit” tactics taught to Mormon missionaries are only necessary to “sell” a product that the investigator would be better off without. “Oh No, Ross and Carrie’s” adventure in joining the Mormon church is a fun, if exhausting, listen for those of us sitting on warehouses full of surplus time.

  • San

    J E F F
    M O R M O N

    • Zelph

      That one had me rolling. Btw I actually enjoyed the episode Glenn, I liked the personalities of both guests. I feel like Tim channels the spirit of Tom. They kinda talk similar and have an earnestness and realness about them that is inviting and captivating.

  • Tracy Tomlinson Averett

    Interesting idea, the pacing of the conversation needs to be different. I like hearing someone go through the discuss that can ask hard questions, just not sure Stephen was acting.

    • Zelph

      Can someone check up on Stephen? Pls thanks.

      • Tracy Tomlinson Averett

        So has anyone checked on Stephen or Glenn? I have looked everyday for the next discussion and to see if Glenn could covert Stephen…and the Infants have been MIA.

        • Glenn

          We haven’t recorded the 2nd one yet. Even Infants go on summer vacation, you know…. just not in Miami (MIA). 🙂

          • Tracy Tomlinson Averett

            What you mean your life doesn’t revolve around being my entertainment…🤯 Just looking forward to the next discussion.

  • Ron Hill

    This was a very interesting premise – too bad we never really got to hear it. 🙁
    As is, it turned out to be and hour and a half of Glenn cat herding two guys with severe ADHD and an overactive sense of their own hilarity.

  • Beth P

    I don’t know why people are hating on this, I thought it wasn’t fucking brilliant and I loved it, please do more.
    I pretty much never comment, but this episode inspired me enough to elicit I come and sign in to disqus just to post this, so that’s saying something.

  • Larry

    Loved this one, for the record. Please do more.

  • Brrrrr

    During the first discussion Stephen is supposed to commit to reading a boring arse book chock full of mind numbing gibberish in order to attain a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Sounds familiar…

    The reason why you should read the Qur’an, even if you don’t understand it, is that it purifies you. It cleanses your heart. It lightens your body for acts of worship. The Qur’an consists of the words of Allah.

    The words of Allah are sacred, and thus its spiritual dimensions are beyond our vision and reach. What we don’t know regarding these dimensions are more than what we do know. Therefore, it has uncountable benefits, which are attained only by reading.

    We can’t attain purification for our souls when our hearts are stiff and numb towards the Qur’an. This is true even if we understand the meaning of the words of the Qur’an.

    In order to enable our hearts to function, free from its default diseases, reading the Qur’an is the solution. Furthermore, spirituality doesn’t take effect based on understanding.

  • windy_way8192

    I’m sorry to say that I had to stop listening when one of the guests said there are so many women he wants to nail. It was alienating. I really liked what he said until then.