Ep 484 – Lisener Essay “Of Mormons and Democrats” by Emily

Listener Essay

Posted May 7th, 2018

Today’s listener essay comes from Emily.  She titled it “Of Mormons and Democrats.”  We desire all to receive it.

This is #1 in the May 2018 Listener Essay Contest on Infants on Thrones.


  • Swaggy

    Never having gone through the endowment myself, I never really could understand why a friend of mine, in her late 20’s was said to have freaked out when she went through hers shortly before her marriage to a Marine friend of mine. Now I know!

    • Emily Earnhart Nevitt

      It’s absolutely insane that we don’t talk about what kinds of covenants you’ll be making and then we expect you to make them AS YOU ARE HEARING THEM. It is bonkers.

      • Swaggy

        If everyone watched the videos put out by NewNameNoah, they’d think they were watching a Klan ceremony.

      • windy_way8192

        Yup, and then that women are given a husband as the mediator, then both men and women are promising everything to the church, in neither case is it directly to God. That’s a whole lot to decide on in a moment’s notice.

  • wadingthroughjello

    Great essay Emily! It was interesting to hear your transition politically as you went through a faith journey. I think that happens quite a bit. But, I liked how you articulated it because we could understand it right along with you. Thanks for sharing!