Ep 481 – Meet the Incredible Delany Darco

Panel Discussion

Posted May 1st, 2018

Delany has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on another.  You’ll never guess who they actually are.  Glenn and Tom sit down to talk with former Listener Essay Contest winner Delany Darco to talk about life, love, fiction, mixed faith marriages, Brigham Young, cats, Blood Atonement, Dystopian futures, atheism, humanism, Sam Harris, and a bunch of other stuff.  And it is all incredibly delightful.

Here is where you will find Delaney’s blog:




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  • martha griffiths

    Yelled “Shirley Jackson” out loud while pulling weeds this morning. Shirley Jackson wrote The Lottery.

    • Surely you can’t be serious.

      • Pete Nixon

        She is serious, and don’t call her Shirley.

  • Bliss Doubt

    OMG what she said about Jesus, being like another Joseph Smith only 2000 earlier. It has occurred to me often, that the life of Jesus, or the story of Jesus, is not nearly as fact checkable.

    I agree with Delaney Darco that Sam Harris did not win the argument with Russell Brand. Brand tried to insist that religion does not exist in a vacuum, and Harris tried to insist that an evil religion has nothing to do with the political power structures and struggles in which it develops, or under which is develops, or in reaction to which it develops, locally, globally and everywhere in between. I agree with Brand that unexamined philosophical dogma can be as destructive as unexamined religious dogma. To me, atheism and religion are equal when it comes to the potential for harm. Religion is a face of socio-economics. So is celebrity atheism.

    Not to mention that Sam Harris argued like a champion redneck regarding the irredeemable and universal evil of Islam.

    • Delaney Darco

      Ha ha ha! I love your Brand/Harris analysis. Sums it up well.

  • windy_way8192

    I’m glad I listened to this, for the interview, and for listening to Delaney’s piece again. I liked it even more this time.

    • Delaney Darco

      Thank you windy!