Ep 76 – Dude for a Day

Listener Essay

Posted May 19th, 2014

What if a woman could be a man for a day or vice versa? Glenn, Bob, and Randy are joined by Allison to discuss gender roles and her essay on this topic.

  • Duke of Earl Grey

    The question of whether men or women enjoy sex more makes me think of an episode from Greek mythology. Zeus and Hera had a wager on the matter, Zeus saying that women have more pleasure and Hera saying that men have more pleasure. They decided that to settle the bet, they should ask Tiresias, who had earlier been changed into a women for seven years, and was now back to being a man. He confirmed that sex was more pleasurable as a woman, saying, “Of ten parts a man enjoys one only.” (I have no idea what all the other nine parts are, just sayin’.) Zeus liked that answer, but Hera was angry (either for losing the bet, or being reminded of all the sex Zeus was dishing out left and right, I’m not sure), so she struck Tiresias blind. Zeus couldn’t undo her judgment, but as a bit of recompense for losing physical sight, he blessed Tiresias with prophetic sight.

    Basically, what I’m saying is it would be really cool if all the General Authorities were changed into women for seven years, and then when they come through the other end of it, maybe they can lay claim to some actual prophetic license.

    • Duke of Earl Grey

      Oh man! Why’d I post this without listening to the whole podcast? I really thought that if this story didn’t come up early on, it certainly wouldn’t come up in the last 10 minutes. Now my thunder is good and stolen…

      • Glenn

        yep — and by a 17 year old girl, too. 😉

    • Allison

      This is a great idea. But I bet that in those seven years they don’t have any orgasms. 😉 Well maybe Uchtdorf would.

      It would definitely give them some perspective on what it’s like to be an ambitious and capable female in a male-led religion. Although… they might be distracted by those damn cushy chairs. They really are comfy enough to help you forget about the gilded cage, at least for a little while.

  • Mike B.

    At first take, I honestly thought this was going to be a really lame podcast. I was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely loved the variety (Allison was awesome, I enjoyed the banter between Randy, Glenn, and Bob, and we need more of Glenn’s wife and kids-very cool.)
    This reminded me of a student I taught in Seminary, several years ago, who blurted out, “I will trade child birth for the priesthood any day!” She was the oldest in her family and had seen her Mom go through 5 awful pregnancies and terrible labor/deliveries. And, she noticed how peaceful things seemed for her Dad, whose roll was to give blessings. I cringe now because, as a TBM, working for the church, I thought it was my honorable duty to encourage her to be grateful for her God-given roll as a ‘daughter of God’. Ugh. Terrible answer. And I actually remember the feeling I had of ‘false preferences’. I thought that was what I HAD to say and just move on. But, what I really wanted to say was, you might be right and, hey, if you don’t want to have babies-that works too. And, now, I wish I would have also said, ‘I would be happy for you to have the priesthood, if that is what you desire!’
    Anyways, interesting thoughts about switching for a day. I’d do it, just to understand my wife even better. Nice job, everyone!

    • Allison

      Thanks, Mike B! I agree, I loved hearing Glen’s family’s input as well.

  • Chad

    This turned out to be a really good pod. The essay, well, I thought it was going to be lame…but Allison did a great job of pulling the audience in and bringing it all back together as a Mormon themed podcast. Good job.

    Allison did well in the discussion part of the pod, which is not easy thing to do. Very smooth and adroit and articulate. She should be invited to participate in the quorum discussions more often, IMO.

    Also, I would guess it takes a lot of guts for a woman to discuss sex with a bunch of guys, especially oral sex and masturbation. It kind of made me horny listening to her to be honest. Thanks infants!

    Nice touch putting the wife and kids commentary at the end. It worked. I loved the discussion about Greek mythology, and periods. Just a damn good podcast IMO.

  • Blorg Jorgensson

    Interesting, enjoyable. Allison fits into the quorum really, really well. She would be a good permanent addition. All in favor, please signify by the raise of the right hand.

    • Randy_Snyder

      I always preferred the more pretentious “all in favor, please manifest it…”

      I manifest in favor of it. But Allison has to have the interest as well.

      • Allison

        I think the quorum and the podcast has a great dynamic just as it is. But I’m definitely up for joining in whenever you guys would like to have me on the podcast.

  • Polly Anna

    Alison, Thanks for breaking the IOT glass ceiling! Great Job! I loved this podcast so much. You only betrayed feminism a bit by admitting we can’t plant trees easily. JK!

    I’d love to hear more of you on the podcast, but you can never be an infant because only male infants can sit on thrones in heaven. Unless they have little infant plural wives…. hmmm let’s not think about that too hard now. Babies having babies for eternity?

    • Allison

      Thanks Polly Anna! And, yes, let’s not think about babies having babies at all because it’s just so, so wrong.

      I learned between naps in the temple that women can be queens and priestesses, who I assume also sit on thrones in heaven–even as infants. The thrones are probably smaller and lower. But they will DEFINITELY have padded seats.

      • Polly Anna

        Ha ha! You’re funny! Let’s keep her around!

  • Goto

    You rock Allison!!!!

  • Natalie Glaus

    Yay! Women essay rocks! Loved hearing your perspective Allison. You held your own like a boss.

    • Allison

      Thanks, Natalie! We had fun with this one.

  • Allison

    Thanks, Natalie. We had fun with this one.