Ep 231 – Disney Songs for Alienated Mormon Kids

Posted November 9th, 2015

Do you love the Mormon Church?  Do you love their new totally Christ-like policy of alienation and exclusion for children of certain kinds of abominable parents?  Do you love the magical songs of Disney?  Do you love Infants on Thrones’ sing-a-long smack downs?  Well, if you love all that stuff right there, then this is the episode you have never known you were always waiting for your entire life.  Enjoy!

Special thanks to Craig Keeling for the album art.

Edit: The songs are now individually available on YouTube:


IOT Disney











  • Pointless1492

    Thank you Infants. Once again you took my anger and replaced it with laughter.

  • Ryan Gregson

    oh boy, here we go…

  • ZSH

    Mind if I make a copy of the part of their world song?

    • Glenn

      If you wait a bit you won’t have to. We plan on posting the individual songs on youtube later today.

      • ZSH

        Awesome! I will be waiting. The “part of their world” song was spectacular. And can you post a link when you do? Thanks.

      • jewelspice

        You guys are so Creative… each and everyone of you. Hubby and I are never Mos and I was playing the songs while getting ready in the morning. We both cracked up.. and we’re impressed with how unfortunately appropriate or sarcastic they were. GOOD job

  • Ryan Gregson

    *Standing ovation* *throws flowers on stage*

  • Craig S.

    You guys just really like those Brodies, don’t you? Seriously, how is anyone going to compete with this? *Standing ovation.*

  • Phil in Spain

    I nominate these for the sequel to the “Book of Mormon” musical. And for an extra bonus track, your “Ode to (or the odious) Packer´s Little Factories” rap?
    Sadly, what those evil, senile, incontintent old bastards have done is horrific, I just want to cry, but thanks for bringing a smile on!

  • Michael Adam Ferguson

    Seriously–contact the Salt Lake Acting Company that produces “Saturday’s Voyeur.” This would be a sensational stage production.

    • I think that by the time one could write, score and produce “A Doctrine of Great Price: The Musical” (a full-bore Broadway musical based on the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine & Covenants), The Book of Mormon musical would have about run its course and the world would not just be ready, it would be HUNGRY for it.

  • Sarah S

    I really really liked you Infants before, but now I have a super crazy podcast crush on you. More Jake-Jasmyn falsetto please! And Shaylee has a beautiful voice. Her song made me cry.

  • Donna West


  • Is the Heavenly Mother easter egg at the end a parody of something or did you write and perform it? It’s actually beautiful and beautifully done.

    • Heather

      Primary songbook “a child’s prayer”. I think it’s Janice Kapp Perry. Glad you liked it!

  • Orrin Dayne

    All great. I really liked the Belle song.

  • Dirty_hippie

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  • Riley Ockerman

    When I saw this one pop up in my feed I thought, “Oh god, not another music episode. I’m not listening to this shit.” But then I did…..and it was FANTASTIC! Good job guys! And thanks for posting each individual song on YouTube. I’ll definitely be sharing a couple of these.

  • councilofone

    Fucking fantastic. Tears and smiles. This epitomizes IOT.

  • Susan Mowers

    Can’t… stop… laughing…

  • Opens Jars

    Off the hook, infants. Your brains are super!

  • Adam Worthington

    Can you guys post a poll for me? I’m trying to get a total number of resignations following the policy leak. 🙂 http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5642d74ee4b0f79ac54a0ffa

  • Matthew Bryde

    Like others, I was tempted to “save for later” when it popped up in my feed, but this was hands down one of the BEST episodes ever! I was laughing (and at times crying) throughout this. Loved all the Disney songs, LOVED the listener closing (nailed the Lucifer temple dialog) and especially the added bonus of the disco music at the end. I really wished you had also included Monson’s “Baby Come Back” – I never get tired of listening to that! 10/10!!!

  • Chad

    This was very well done. Really good stuff. Good job guys.

  • Pink-lead

    A bevvy of wonderfulness. Pink Elephants was tops for me. That’s all I can type right now because I need to clean the spray of saliva off of my monitor.

  • NerdofWisdom

    I’m getting weird looks at the gym as I LOL! And this is the 3rd time I’ve listened. Genius! Thanks for time spent.

  • Preston

    Loved it