Ep 290 – D&C 132 For Kids


Posted July 15th, 2016

How to discuss the scriptures with your kids.  Or at least how Glenn did it.  And recorded it.  One time.


  • I love the place where you’re explaining that if a man cheats on his wife, the prophet will take his wife away and give her to someone else, to which one of the girls says, “Like a puppy.”

    That’s about the most concise and accurate apperception of a patriarchal society’s attitude toward women I’ve heard. Women are always told how special and perfect and perfectly cared for they are—just like a new puppy. Why wouldn’t you want to be a new puppy? Well, if women are real people, and I stubbornly believe they are, there are probably a lot of reasons they wouldn’t want to be a puppy—new or otherwise.

    • Thomas Moore

      No comment– but a big thumbs up on “Like a puppy?!?!” from me also.

  • Voltaire

    Wow, it would be easier to just stay in the church! An x-mo parent has twice the work! You have to teach them Mormon doctrines and policies, past and present, then you have to debunk it all. Exhausting! More power to you for your efforts.

    How about just teaching your kids that all religion is storytelling, that it is based upon emotions, imagination, hopes, and dreams, and it survives upon indoctrination and traditions. Teach them that religion is appealing because it fills a need for a support group to help us get through this life and it fills our emotional need to hope for life after death, but those hopes and needs should not be mistaken for, or equated with, truth and correctness. Teach them that If they want to find truth, they should stick to logic, reasoning, facts, scientific methods of proof, and observable reality. Then spend some time each week showing examples of how invalid conclusions based on emotions have repeatedly led to injustice and harm to innocent people throughout human history. (The Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, Nazism, Jim Jones, the KKK, LGBT suicides in the wake of LDS church policy, etc.)

  • hetaira

    You have some great women in your life, Glenn, including your mom. I’d love to know how the girls’ camping experience went if they got a chance to share some of their insights on the D&C with other campers and leaders.