Ep 367 – Check-up from the Neck-up

Panel Discussion

Posted April 30th, 2017

This one’s a two-fer.  Two episodes in one.  First, Glenn, Matt, and Scott talk about stuff.  Then, Randy, Glenn, Tom, Matt and Bob talk about more stuff.  Then there’s a pretty long easter egg at the end with even more talking about even more stuff.  And there’s that whole thing about three patterns.  Plus, you will never guess who is quitting Infants on Thrones!







  • Peter North Salt Lake

    Wow! I haven’t finished listening to the episode, but when I heard Glenn talking about potentially cancelling Infants on Thrones, I was very sad. IOT remains one of the best podcasts out there, not just in the Mormon world, but in the wider podcast world. It is funny and thoughtful, and production values are among the best there is, specifically Glenn’s editing, audio/sound quality, drops, etc.

    The reason it would be most sad to have IOT cancelled is because there is not anyone else in their space. Mormon Stories and its family of podcasts are not meant to be humorous. Mormon Expression added a terrible host named adam archer then dissapeared. And then a bunch of other start and stops that couldn’t keep up steam. IOT stands alone.

    The exceptions to this podcast being awesome are 1) the atheists guides episodes. They’re not bad, but I don’t consider them in the same universe as Infants on Thrones. And 2) When they talk about something with literally no connection to Mormonism. When they did the episodes just about Donald Trump, the quality was incredibly weak. As someone smarter than me said, “Stay in your Lane.” There are MANY MANY more places to go for politics podcasts that do it better. IOT does Mormonism podcasting better than anyone ever has except maybe the original Mormon Expression.

    I hope the podcast continues. I do not mind if they do Ads or affiliate programs, or occasional fundraising drives. I am happy to donate / pay whatever is the desired method. I just really hope iOt doesn’t go away. I’ve listened to literally every episode.

    I don’t have any huge suggestions, it was just really jarring to keep hearing Glenn say “well maybe it’s just time to be done.”

  • Peter North Salt Lake

    I can tell you what i personally do NOT want to see from IOT. I do not want IOT to do what Mormon Expression did, and become a podcast about non mormon philosophy. There is a reason no one cared to hear about John Larsen’s non Mormon opinions. Because then you open yourself up to competing with the REST OF THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT. You guys are great at discussing mormonism, but I do not want to hear your thoughts on North Korea, or the Death Penalty or whatever. I can’t remember which, but one IOT members always brings up Louis CK quotes. If i wanted to hear about which Louis CK jokes you like, I can talk to my friends, or , better yet, listen to Louis CK .

    You all are SO SO SO good at making a funny mormon related podcast. Please keep doing it, unless it is making you miserable to do it.

    • Gail_F_Bartholomew

      I disagree no one listens to Larsen any more because it was not any fun hearing him talking to himself. It was never the same after Glenn and Matt left. Glenn want an idea for topic record a conversation with you and John Larsen in bubble bath about anything and I am all over that shit. It is far more about if you are having fun than what the topic is.

  • AnotherClosetAtheist

    I volunteer /r/exmormon to host a session. We already hosted the Infants to do an AMA, where Reddit asked the Infants questions.

    I’d love reverse this and have the Infants ask the questions to the subreddit. See what falls out.

    I am at your disposal. Hit me here, or via PM /u/AnotherClosetAtheist, or the exmormon modmail. Glenn you have my private email.

  • Gail_F_Bartholomew

    I just did the new survey.
    I am not sure I said enough to be clear.
    I have loved your pod cast for a long time. I enjoyed your voices on mormon expression. Once I listened to every episode. Hell once I listened to every mormon expression and every mormon stories episode. Not sure when I slept. Now I listen to what sounds interesting when I have time. More and more the content less mormon centric topics catches my eye.
    Living in a rural area of Oregon I get basically no contact with Exxon’s even though you would not think it my seeing my life Mormonism still has left a print on who I am and it is still good to hear voices that have a prospective that is granted in a similar way even if the topic is not Mormonism. You all have for a long time helped me smile and stay sane. Thank you.
    Sounds like you get push back when do other things. Fuck them they don’t need to every episode listen if they want. Please do podcasts on things you are interested in. If you need time away go for it. Don’t weigh in if you don’t want. Let Heather and others that still want to talk about the dress coed at BYU do it. Those want to listen will listen.
    I hope you guys can just talk about what you want to talk about and I hope you don’t mind if I listen. If it is not fun for you we will survive without you. You have Done much good and still are. But you have obligation to any of us. You have given and we have gladly taken and we thank you for that. I for one would enjoy more but only if you are having fun.

  • I grew up in a Jack Mormon household and wasn’t forced to go to church after the age of six or seven, but living in Salt Lake and having plenty of TBM relatives, I thought I knew what Mormonism was all about. When someone at work would start talking smack about “the Mormons,” I’d let them go on a while then say, “Well I grew up in a Mormon family in Salt Lake and you’re full of shit.” Turns out I was more full of shit than they were. Even though I had never believed Mormon doctrine any more than I believed Grimm’s fairy tales, I had lived my whole life in the same bubble your average TBM was living in. It wasn’t till Romney ran for president in 2012 that I started checking the interwebs to see just what people were going to find out about Mormonism if they bothered to look. I was flabbergasted at first, but I remained entranced as I worked my way through Dan Vogel and everything Dehlin ever did and Ed Decker and that crowd. And don’t forget the Tanners. And then Mormon Expression and Mormon Expositor and Lindsay’s “Years and Years of Polygamy” podcast. There was a treasure trove of discovery and entertainment out there.

    The problem is, when you’ve heard it, you’ve heard it. The kids (yes kids—I adore them) over on Zelph on the Shelf dug up some transcripts of the Reed Smoot hearings of circa 1903 in which then president Joseph F. Smith admits that there has been no real revelation for 21 years at that point. And since then we have had the ending of the priesthood ban, some assholery around womens rights, Proposition 8 and the monumental kerfuffle over the treatment of LGBT folks in what? 2015? While the so-called Church does step in some pretty big piles of shit, it doesn’t step in them often because it doesn’t step out often. They realize that the negative press they get from doing nothing or just doing the same boring shit over and over again is far, far less than the shit they get for trying to actively take part in a world they are out of touch with and don’t appear to understand. Anyway, once you’ve worked your way through all the crap you never knew about Church history and the so-called Church’s more recent, if relatively infrequent, bouts of flaming assholery, there’s not a steady enough stream of new “revelations,” as it were, to support four or five new podcasts a month. You have to branch out or fall back. I think you could kind of do both. If you have an good idea about anything interesting, do a podcast, if the so-called Church tries to stick their head up their ass with their hair on fire (again), do a poscast, otherwise relax.

    I still enjoy listening, especially if I’ve got something else to do. Just throw in an “ass rape” every now and again to make sure everyone is still listening.

    • Gabriel von Himmel

      Saint Ralf, still banging the boards I see. Good on ya, I enjoy your insights. Yes The Infants can breathe a bit easy and be picky while remaining prickley. The infants have slew the draggggon’s nest.
      Stones are dislodged and dust is weeping from the fissures in the Rameumptom.
      You can thank Trump for a wider horizon of ignorance.
      Mining jewels is now a Trumpublican adventure.
      Ralf, I contribute to an obscure paper in far-eastern Oregon.
      There are still battles to wage,
      This far-right Mormon thing remains in the hollers, enjoy and bang around a bit. Miles to go before you sleep –– PAX


      • Isn’t Baker City where Bend was supposed to be? Did someone switch them in the night as I slept? I actually have relatives in Bend. And Salem. And Portland. So that keeps me away from Oregon for the most part. I’ll check out the Herald . . .

  • Happy Hubby

    When listening to the podcast I though of one more 3-patterns. When listing to a podcast go on and on about 3-patterns, people often just summarize it with 3 Z’s – as in “zzz” 😉 JK

    I will go do the survey, but I am not surprised that you guys are at the point of asking, “do we keep doing this?”

    You have been great bit of laughter and knowledge as I have been on my journey the last few years. But I think it is actually healthy that each of you individually move on from mormon, to ex-mo, to then just whatever you are – then all the way down to a fascination with 3-patterns. I think that is the way it should be. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it is indifference. You guys loved the church, then hated it, then lost interest in it. Hanging on to the past would be – well infantile.

    I would rather you give a good episode once every 6 or 12 months when you all feel like it (or some portion of you feel like it) than try to push it more often and have it go stale.

    I will contribute some to keeping the podcast available as I think it has some really helpful information, especially the smack-downs. I have a feeling that there are going to be more people that have an interest in this as time goes on than less interest.

    But let me be clear – I will miss the hell out of this podcast. There were many other podcasts that I would be excited to see pop up on my podcast list, but none other that made me giddy like a child.

    A big heart-felt THANKS to you guys (and Heather too!)

  • chelsea_w

    You guyyyyyys!!! You can’t quit!
    (Please read in the whiniest voice imaginable.)

    Seriously though, I completely understand creative burnout. Whatever you all decide to do, I hope you know how much you have impacted my life for the better. My transition out of the church wouldn’t have been nearly as smooth without your voices in my ear. And although I myself am also at the “over it” stage of post Mormonism, I still enjoy listening to your insights and discussions.

    PS I was in the audience when the new Louis CK special was taped! Some of the political stuff definitely got a dampened response – that’s D.C. for you. 😉 But I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

  • Jason Jordan Smith

    Okay…yeah, don’t stop. Even.though I utterly disagree with the progressive politics I hear here sometimes, I still find this podcast rather cathartic. If it makes a difference, it would be nice to be interviewed sometime. I have a rather screwed up story, and since I’m just another white, straight guy I don’t think John Dehlin would ever be interested. Sigh……it’s been a long, dark, and lonely road. How’s that for a 3 pattern!

    • Glenn

      Tell your story in a listener essay and email it to us. And seriously… be sure to include your critiques of the progressive politics you utterly disagree with. I’d love to hear more specifics about that.

  • worlds biggest hyperbole

    Just got around to this episode after a MoSto marathon – had to fill the void somehow 😉 Sounded like a whine tasting with my wife about the dogs, kids, and the local stake leadership (she’s amazingly TBM). Makes the good times with IoT that much better. There’s a little John, Glenn, Matt, Scott, Bob, Heather and Randy in me and the loss of any one, let alone all, would leave an empty space. That said – the only constant is change. Don’t ever underestimate your contributions to those who listen to every episode – whatever you think of it. Thanks!

  • Kathleen Gienger

    Just had to stop and pause this when you guys started talking about S-Town, just to great that my first favorite podcast was talking about this other amazing podcast to perfect.

    But on all this neck up stuff. I am so understanding of were you guys are coming from I found you guys about two and a half years ago as I was leaving as a millennial.

    Your podcast really did help me crack that egg faster. I never read the CS letter or went and did research for myself on the book of abraham or the historisity stuff, as your entertaining informative podcasts where so fun. Granted my transition was largely biased on the social issues of Women’s rights as a young women pursuing a career in Chemistry and I had just always felt love is love and why do we care who loves who. So just finding out some of the most basic cracks in the churches history made it simple for me to stop trying to tangle with the social issues that I felt so deeply (my elephant) and instantly stopped going. But your podcast is what taught me all of issues and I am grateful for that.

    For the first year or so I frivolously consumed your podcast felt like listening to my only friends that truly understood this pain and frustration. But then over the next year I found great never Mormon friends, advanced my job, and established my adult life and found other great podcasts I still loved your episodes like hearing from old friends but I did not need it any more. And then since the election I have really found that I am really not interested in Mormonism and “gasp” I am not even all caught up on your episodes like the funeral one because I knew what you were going to say. I have been spending my time trying to figure out what is happening in my country, really understanding my government, and how some of the figures in S-town actually live in the same country as I do. That is why I loved your Russia discussions I actually listened to the live briefing from the FBI director this morning in part because of it.

    So I guess I am saying I get it and this fan would love to here you ramble about politics and your lives but I don’t know how much I would even listen to Mormon stuff like what has already produced. But I will miss my friends and my first favorite podcast so keep talking about whatever makes you happy I will listen.

  • Andres Ferraz-Leite

    Thanks for all you have done. You have made me laugh so much. I have read books you have suggested. The Righteous Mind of course too, which has been passsed arround our mixed-believing family and has helped us all. I became interested in Buddhism and Hinduism through your podcast. Of course I learned also more church history stuff I did not know about. And on my way to work here in Bavaria Germany I often felt friendship with you. Thanks

  • Princess Godess

    Hey guys I feel like I need to let you know how much you all have meant to me. I met you all at sunstone last summer right before I started law school. I served a mission in South Korea and I left early partly because I was suicidal and partly because I had started going through a faith crisis. When my mission president accused me of flirting with elders I knew I didn’t have the support I needed and I wanted to get home. After that time life kinda happened and it has been an uphill battle but at least it has been uphill. I have a ton of respect for you guys and you kept me laughing through the whole thing. I still listen to you before or after my law finals to sort of decompress. Anyway, if you all decide to take a little break… I get it.

    I really enjoyed your exploration of Hinduism and I would love to see you guys deconstruct other religions and take a critical look at the crazy shit other people believe. Just please, for the love of all that is good in this world, stay away from politics. I get enough of it at school. Try not to feel too down about the DPRK or the state of American politics, nothing has really changed and the world could blow at any time. The whole world could go to shit today and the rest of the universe wouldn’t even bat an eye. Keep your spirits up because this life is sooooo much shorter now that I don’t need an “eternal” perspective. You guys keep my life interesting.

    If I may suggest, it might be fun to get a few more irreverent sisters on the podcast and do another infants gone wild type of show. I would be interested to know a little bit more about how their feelings on relationships, their relationship with their bodies, and how they view sexual promiscuity since leaving. I also think that you could do an album of GC greatest hits in song. I really appreciate everything you guys do and I love the longer podcasts too so don’t feel like you have to shorten them at all. Finally, I don’t always download your episodes. I usually listen to them online while I am doing some mundane chore at home. Ok, that is all. Stay strong you guys! You are doing great work.