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Ep 758 – The Word of Weird-dom Chapter One: Musings on The Nature of Religion

Do as I’m doing.  Or don’t.

Ep 757 – November 2015 LDS Exclusion Policy Revisited

Where were you when you first heard about the November 2015 Exclusion Policy?

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Ep 737 – Return to Kolob: Joseph Smith vs. Wendy Kennedy – Eternal Progression through a Peepstone-produced Playground of 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Perspectives, Part Four

More playing around in the world of fiction and symbols to cobble together some sense of meaning in a world we might all be making up as we go along.

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Ep 709 – Magic Mushrooms, Utah Senator Steve Urquhart, and The Divine Assembly, P2

Paer2 of this series: Former Utah State Senator Steve Urquhart created a new church called The Divine Assembly around a Psychedelic Sacrament.  In this three-part series, Glenn is joined by Medical Cannabis crusader Christine Stenquist to explore who Steve is, why he created this church, and what legal protections he hopes to provide to those who desire an entheogenic approach to Spirituality.

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Ep 495 – The Trouble with God, P1

Glenn and Randy sit down with Chris Matheson, author of “The Story of God: A Biblical Story of Love (and Hate)” and its follow-up “The Trouble with God: A Divine Comedy about Judgment (and Misjudgment).  In this episode, we discuss his general interest in religion, his career in film starting as co-creator of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the comedy gold he first found in the Bible for “The Story with God” and The Book of Mormon for his newest book, “The Trouble with God.”

Chris’s new book can be purchased here:  The Trouble with God

Ep 393 – Apologies

What does it mean to say you are sorry? What does it take to accept someone else’s apology? Listen in as Tom poses these questions to the most important people in his life. This is the first in an upcoming series on Apologies, Grudges, and forgiveness.

A video version of this presentation, with the slides Tom showed to the live audience, is available here on our Patreon page:

Ep 388 – Sunstone 2017 Promo

Here is what the Infants will be doing at Sunstone at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City this upcoming weekend (July 27-29)

Ep 364 – Ask an Infant – Good Friday

Historian extraordinaire John Hamer rains credibility all over the Infants by Hamsplaining the origin of Good Friday.  With tongue firmly in cheek, of course (aka “Infant Style”)

Ep 308 – Education and Faith

This is the audio to Glenn’s Sunstone presentation given on July 30, 2016, where Glenn explains the type of Mormon he was before and after his graduate studies (culminating in a MA Thesis Japanese Lost Tribes stories and a half-finished dissertation on Mormon Humor), and walks through some of the reasons why — for him — faith ultimately yielded to education (and uncertainty).

Ep 300 – Sunstone Panel 2016: Many Infants on Multiple Thrones

This is the recording of the live IOT panel at Sunstone, July 30, 2016.  So listen in to Glenn, Heather, Jake, John, Matt, Scott, and Tom do their thing live.  Or watch the video on our IOT Youtube Channel:

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