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Ep 230 – Unequally Yoked

Tom is joined by his brave and excellent wife to interview another couple, Neal & Naomi, and discuss some of the difficulties of living in a mixed faith marriage.

Neal & Naomi’s podcast Unequally Yoked can be found here:

Ep 213 – End Times

Tanner, a blogger at “Zelph on the Shelf” (great name, huh?) joins Jake, Matt, Randy and Scott to talk about End Times and Latter Days and Preppers and all that good stuff.

Ep 182 – Lowry Nelson vs. George Albert Smith

Matt presents this dramatic recreation of the Lowry Letters, a little-known 1947 exchange between Sociology Professor Lowry Nelson and President George Albert Smith regarding the official LDS doctrine on the Negro.

Ep 158 – Free Will

Can people really choose what they believe?  Are any of us really “free” to choose anything at all?   We don’t know.  But we’re going to talk about it anyway.

So listen in as Randy, Jake, Glenn, John Hamer and El Tom Perry (aka “the Tom”) dance around and around in word circles. Cuz they are fun word circles. They just are.

The Sam Harris lecture on Free Will can be found here.

Ep 46 – Tom Phillips TEASER

The Infants tease their next big thing. Stay tuned…

Ep 22 – Book of Mormon Authorship – TEASER

Who wrote the Book of Mormon? Was it Joseph Smith? Sidney Rigdon? Old Solomon “and it came to pass” Spaulding? Or maybe it’s just exactly what it claims to be. (shyah — and later on live monkeys might fly out of my butt!) We are planning a three-part series on the Book of Mormon authorship. Take a listen as we tease a few of our upcoming episodes. Enjoy!

Ep 16 – For Our Day

Glenn, Jesse, Tom, and Randy discuss a new film put out by the Joseph Smith Foundation (a group of active Mormons) entitled “For Our Day: Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon.”


A sneak peek at the personalities behind the podcast: Jesse, Randy, Bob, Tom, Matt, and Glenn.

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