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Ep 168 – The NEW Book of Abraham – Chapter 1

Glenn gazes into his peep stone for a new translation of an old (but not THAT old) classic.


Join Carl as he negotiates the angst-ridden borderlands of casual Satanism in this ongoing series. In this installment, Carl attends his sister’s wedding, where some of his worst fears are realized.

Special thanks to Allison, Wendy, Matt, John, and Bob for participating.

Ep 163 – Carl the Casual Satanist Episode 1: Carl Throws a Party

Join Carl as he negotiates the angst-ridden borderlands of casual Satanism in a brand-new, ongoing series. In this installment, Carl muddles through an uncomfortable conversation about his upbringing with a new acquaintance.

Ep 157 – Disciples After Dark

Infants on Thrones humbly presents a parody of the recent CES meeting “An Evening With a General Authority.”  We are even more humbly calling it “Disciples After Dark.”  And we even more more humbly hope you enjoy it.



Ep 155 – Excommunication: The Musical

Glenn, Jake, Matt, and John Hamer humbly present “Excommunication: The Musical” — a dramatic recreation of John Dehlin’s secret informal probation meeting that eventually led to his excommunication from the mormon church.

And we occasionally break into song.


Click HERE for the full text for the dramatic — it is “Appendix C: Transcript of August 7, 2014 Meeting With President Bryan King”


Ep 149 – Brother Jake’s Gospel Topics

Listen to Brother Jake’s latest — the handy infomercial for Gospel Topics you’ve been waiting for!  Billy Mays would be proud.

Watch the full commercial on Brother Jake’s YouTube Channel:



Ep 143 – Zelph on the Shelph

Tired of manipulating your children’s behavior with a creepy little nicknack just one month every year?  Well… does Matt have something for you — and just in time for Christmas!

Ep 141 – Satan Files for Bankruptcy

What would happen to the plan of salvation if the Devil just decided to up and quit?  Jake doesn’t think that anyone in the super VIP Heavenly family would be all too happy about that.  Don’t ask us how we got a hold of this audio, just pray about it and know — it’s the real freaking deal.

Ep 137 – The Life and Times of Stephen Erastus Knudsen III

Glenn shares a satirical essay from his past, and maybe, possibly, kinda sorta teases an upcoming episode (for those who truly endure to the end).

Ep 132 – Brother Jake Explains: Mormonism is Not a Cult

Jake, Tom, and Glenn discuss the newest Brother Jake video: Mormonism is Not a Cult.

If you have suggestions for future Brother Jake videos, or just want to drop Jake a note, email him at

And if you just want to play Words with Friends with Glenn, search for Gadianton Rob.

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