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Ep 478 – April 2018 Infant General Conference (take 2)

It was up for a few days, then taken down and tweaked.  Now it is back – April 2018 Infant General Conference Take 2.  Enjoy.

Ep 475 – Week of Tannehill – The Unintentional Racist

Mike Tannehill (love him or hate him) is fighting the good fight against the Mormon church. Or at least against the influence of those liberal academic types trying to re-write church history — more specifically those authors of the recent essay Race and the Priesthood on who would have us believe that church doctrine is nothing more than the “theories” of racist men influenced by a racist time who simply could not call down a revelation from God until 1978. Listen in as Mike explains how he remains True to the Faith. When the enemy assaileth, shall he shirk or shun the fight? NO!!!

Ep 474 – Week of Tannehill – The Devil

Bob, Jake, Glenn, and Matt talk to Mike Tannehill about the devil — and evil – and his whole develish role in the Plan of Salvation — and a whole bunch of other stuff.  This episode was originally published in Oct 2014.

Ep 472 – Week of Tannehill – The Apostasy

Glenn takes you back to the 4th episode of Infants on Thrones, originally published in September 2012.  It is a surprisingly good Radio Lab styled episode, centering on the narrative structure of “loss and restoration” found both in and out of the Mormon church.  Mike Tannehill also provides some criteria by which one may determine if a church is in apostasy.  (Be careful Mike.  This was recorded pre-essays on, buddy!)

Ep 468 – The School of the Teachers: Intuitive Eating

Matt talks about healthy stuff with Paige Smathers, from the Nutrition Matters podcast.  Real Words of Wisdom.  Honest.

Ep 466 – The Slow Track Program: A mini Smackdown

Glenn, Matt, and Scott review a Mormon satire piece called: “The Slow-Track Program!”  We also tease the imminent return of…. wait for it….

Nah.  You’ll just have to listen.

Ep 465 – The LDS Church Interview and Sexual Abuse

“If the Mormon church won’t train their bishops on how to better detect the signs of sexual abuse, I will.”

In this live presentation. Matt Long discusses the specific ways the personal priesthood interview and the LDS church policy regarding reporting abuse fail victims so often. Matt also offers specific suggestions for how to protect kids from abuse and ways to ensure kids who disclose abuse are received with love and safety.

Although this presentation uses the LDS church as a framing, this topic and the principles discussed are applicable to virtually every sexual abuse situation.

Parents will be given information and suggestions to protect their kids from abuse and help kids who have experienced abuse.

Matt Long, former Sex Crimes Prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney will discuss laws, policies, and practices of the Mormon Church and reporting sexual abuse.

The following topics are covered:

– The different types of disclosures victims make and the issues surrounding different types of disclosures.

– How and why he bishop interview fails victims and perpetuated abuse so often.

– What are the LDS Church’s policies and practices in reporting sexual abuse

-Suggestions of policy changes that must be implemented to keep kids safe while maintaining the theological and doctrinal purposes of the personal priesthood interview.

Ep 463 – Raising Kids in a #MeToo World (and it has always been a #MeToo World) – Part 1

How important is it to develop a child’s identity to prevent, expose, and heal trauma? Listen in as former sex crimes prosecutor Matt Long shares his intuitive experiences on how to best protect children and help victims of abuse and trauma heal.  This was a live presentation given in Mesa, Az on Mar 14, 2018.  Check ur Facebook page for information on future “Wednesday Night Live” events.

Ep 461 – The Complete NEW Book of Abraham

Glenn finishes off chapters 4 and 5 of the NEW Book of Abraham project.  This was read live and discussed with a small audience in Mesa, Arizona, in the first of what will be a regular weekly Wednesday Night Live recording session, open to the general public, from 6:30 to 8:30 on Wednesday nights.  Check the Infant’s Facebook page for details.

Ep 460 – Advice to Your Pre-Faith Crisis Selves

If you could go back and give advice to yourself right before your faith crisis, what would you say?  That is the topic covered by Scott, Matt, Glenn, and special guest Colleen Dietz from The Mormon Happy Hour Podcast.  Also, the Listener Essay contest winners are announced, and a new feature of Infants on Thrones is introduced: Wednesday Night Live.  Take a listen.

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