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Ep 376 – For the Strength of Youth – 1965 Edition

Don’t you miss the good old days of pure American apple pie values?  You know, before all those damn hippies and liberals ruined it all?  Well lament no more, cuz today Heather, Randy, and Bob explore the treasure that is the 1965 edition of the LDS For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.  Now let’s all go out and just make America great again!

Ep 374 – Against Empathy

Heather, Jake, Tom and Glenn weigh the pros and cons of empathy – as informed by Paul Bloom and Brene Brown.

Ep 372 – Bye Bye Scouts

Jake, Heather, Randy and Scott smack around a DN article saying TTFN to the LDS VS program of the BSA.  Let’s hope you all got your AMBs!!  (Acronym Merit Badges)

Ep 369 – Froback Friday – Who Wrote the Book of Mormon

Come back with us to October 2013 for our 3-part series “Who Wrote the Book of Mormon.”  John Hamer, Craig Criddle, and so much more.

Ep 363 – April 2017 Infant General Conference

Once again, Infant General Conference is here for your edification and stuff. This time with a very special mystery guest.

Ep 362 – Infant General Conferences of Yore

Is this episode filled with new material or recycled Fro-back Friday material? With General Conference, it’s nearly impossible to tell. Regardless, this is chalk full of some of the best stuff we have ever done. Love it as we do. Amen.

Ep 361 – The Mormon Testimony Bearing Phenomenon

Join Randy, his brother Jimmy, and Heather as they have a Hamerless discussion about how bearing your testimony colors the entire Mormon experience from the innocent days of being a Sunbeam toddler to the greatest of us in the highest reaches of leadership in Zion.  I’d like to testify to you that I know you will enjoy this episode.  In the name of optimism and narcissism, Amen.

Ep 349 – The Righteous Mind

Heather, Glenn, and Jake team up for some good old-fashion infant shenanigans as they discuss Jonathan Haidt’s 2012 book on moral foundations theory, The Righteous Mind.

Ep 342 – Girls Gone Thrones

In this femisode, Heather, her sister Jennifer, Jennifer’s friend Crys and Crys’s friend Charlie get together to form the largest women’s Infants on Thrones panel in the world–presided over and mansplained by priesthood holder Brother Jake.

First they smack up Jennifer’s Reddit diatribe against the much-shared facebook post inviting Women’s March attendees to join “the oldest and largest women’s organization in the world’ the LDS Reliesosidy: Relief Society is NOT a Women’s Group! 

Then they smack down a Mormon Women Stand article written by a women who marches around her privileged domestic palace shaming other women who aren’t content to march like she does.

In their spare time they talk about Crys and Charlie’s experiences at the Women’s March and what girls would do if they could hold an activity in the church without a priesthood holder present.

Ep 340 – Disciples After Dark: Aunt Wendy and the Worldly Sex

What happens when parody meets smackdown?  This.

Matt and Kristin and Glenn (and a special guest or two) take some time to delicately mock and smackdown the Jan 8 2017 World Wide Devotional for Young Adults.  Because the devil wants to ruin you all with empty lust-filled worldly sex (but thinking that everyone else in the entire world is being deceived by Satan and you and your fellow church members are the only righteous people chosen of God is totally fine.  In fact it is encouraged.)

And a previously recorded Jake and Heather join in for a nice recycled song.

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