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Ep 400 – Bob’s Mormon Cred Scale 2.0

Bob is joined by Heather, Tom, John, Randy, Glenn, and lots of audience participation for the grand reveal of Bob’s Mormon Cred Scale 2.0 at the Sunstone Symposium held on July 29, 2017. He attempts to revisit and refine the approach to measuring and quantifying the end-to-end Mormon experience. You can take the new test and get your own Mormon cred score here:

You can also listen to the original discussion (from three years ago) that sparked the creation of the cred scale here:

Ep 396 – Infants on Rick and Morty – Episode 1

Randy, Jake, Heather, and John discuss the mind-blowingly intelligentertainmentism that is Rick and Morty. And honest, that is totally a real-ish-tic word.

Ep 391 – Post-Mormon Values

Glenn tells the amazing story of a nameless man he met at Sunstone, briefly teases a new feature called “Ask Hard-ass Jesus,” and shares the audio from our Sunstone panel discussion “Infants on Post-Mormon Values” with Randy, Tom, John, Heather, Bob and Glenn. Enjoy.

Ep 390 – Andrew’s Court of Love

Heather leads Randy and Jake through a spectacular interview with National Geographic travel writer Andrew Evans. Andrew is a former Mormon who was excommunicated for his sexuality. He tells that story in his new book “The Black Penguin.” Heather, Randy, Jake, and Andrew take turns dramatizing key moments from the book. This is an incredible episode of Infants on Thrones. You won’t want to miss it.

Here is a video we made of the dramatized portions of this episode:

Ep 389 – Infant Hang Out July 2017

A little mid-week bonus for you. What do Happiness, Nancy Rigdon, Science, Reiki, Chakras, Patriarchal Blessings, and Artful Swearing all have in common? They are all dots on the colorful landscape of today’s panel discussion between Glenn, John, Heather, Tom, Randy, and a few special listeners. Enjoy.

Ep 384 – Personality

Randy, John, Heather, and Tom are joined by Personality Type leadership trainer guy David to discuss the Myers-Briggs personality types of each of the nine Infants on Thrones.

Here’s is a link to the personality test:

Ep 376 – For the Strength of Youth – 1965 Edition

Don’t you miss the good old days of pure American apple pie values?  You know, before all those damn hippies and liberals ruined it all?  Well lament no more, cuz today Heather, Randy, and Bob explore the treasure that is the 1965 edition of the LDS For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.  Now let’s all go out and just make America great again!

Ep 374 – Against Empathy

Heather, Jake, Tom and Glenn weigh the pros and cons of empathy – as informed by Paul Bloom and Brene Brown.

Ep 372 – Bye Bye Scouts

Jake, Heather, Randy and Scott smack around a DN article saying TTFN to the LDS VS program of the BSA.  Let’s hope you all got your AMBs!!  (Acronym Merit Badges)

Ep 369 – Froback Friday – Who Wrote the Book of Mormon

Come back with us to October 2013 for our 3-part series “Who Wrote the Book of Mormon.”  John Hamer, Craig Criddle, and so much more.

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