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Ep 514 – Of Left and Right and Grumpy Old Men

Glenn and Bob are joined by one-time Mormon Stories Europe host Claudia Fox Reppen to discuss our meandering parallel journeys navigating politics, religion, and all things in between.

Ep 508 – Latter Day Infant Missionaries

What happens when two mormon missionaries unknowingly knock on Matt Long’s door?  This episode.  That’s what.

Ep 503 – Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and Truth – Part 2

Glenn, Tom, Bob, and Jake finish (for now…) their discussion of the infamous January 2017 “Truth” debate between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris.

Ep 502 – Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and Truth – Part 1

What is truth?  Is there a difference between truth and fact?  And where can real truth be found after rejecting the one-time source of One-True-Truth that is the Mormon Church?  Glenn, Tom, Bob, and Jake discuss the infamous January 2017 “Truth” debate between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris.

Ep 481 – Meet the Incredible Delany Darco

Delany has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on another.  You’ll never guess who they actually are.  Glenn and Tom sit down to talk with former Listener Essay Contest winner Delany Darco to talk about life, love, fiction, mixed faith marriages, Brigham Young, cats, Blood Atonement, Dystopian futures, atheism, humanism, Sam Harris, and a bunch of other stuff.  And it is all incredibly delightful.

Here is where you will find Delaney’s blog:

Ep 477 – Seven Deadly Heresies: The Smackdown, Part 2

Mike Tannehill makes his triumphant return to defend Bruce R. McConkie as Glenn, John, and Bob’s take on evolution; the 2nd of McConkie’s 7 Deadly Heresies.

Ep 476 – Week of Tannehill – Noah’s Ark and the Intentional Literalist

The last frock in the Week of Tannehill series, this was originally published in March 2014.  Mike Tannehill joins us once again for this unofficial follow-up to The Unintentional Racist to discuss the recent essay on Noah’s Ark with Randy, Scott, Jake, Erica, and Glenn.

Here is the link to the Meridian article in defense of Noah’s Ark.

And here is the essay Noah.

Ep 475 – Week of Tannehill – The Unintentional Racist

Mike Tannehill (love him or hate him) is fighting the good fight against the Mormon church. Or at least against the influence of those liberal academic types trying to re-write church history — more specifically those authors of the recent essay Race and the Priesthood on who would have us believe that church doctrine is nothing more than the “theories” of racist men influenced by a racist time who simply could not call down a revelation from God until 1978. Listen in as Mike explains how he remains True to the Faith. When the enemy assaileth, shall he shirk or shun the fight? NO!!!

Ep 474 – Week of Tannehill – The Devil

Bob, Jake, Glenn, and Matt talk to Mike Tannehill about the devil — and evil – and his whole develish role in the Plan of Salvation — and a whole bunch of other stuff.  This episode was originally published in Oct 2014.

Ep 473 – Week of Tannehill – The Signs of the Times

What does the “latter day” in Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually mean?  When is the end of the world coming and what are the signs that it is near? This was the 14th episode of Infants on Thrones, originally published in April 2013, and it is a doozy.

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