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Independence Day 2016

Listener Essay

Posted July 3rd, 2016

A never-Mormon from England stumbled across Infants on Thrones and tells us who she is and what she thinks.  A woman comes to terms with her reaction to her drag Queen husband.  A physician who suffers from Crohns Disease explains the psychological and emotional impact of daily chronic pain, and a way that understanding changes the traditional narrative of Jesus bleeding from every pore in the Atonement.  These are just a few of the many excellent listener essays in  today’s Infant Compilation.  They are all very good, except for the bad parts.  (that’s not a slam — it’s a reference to one of the essays.  You’ll see what I mean)

The Perpetual Education Fund… Or Fraud?

Listener Essay

Posted May 1st, 2016

Randy is joined by Bob and special guest Aaron Tunell to discuss LDS Inc.’s Perpetual Education Fund, a program started in 2001 to help students in developing countries. But all is not as it seems on the surface.



Disproving Santa

Listener Essay

Posted December 27th, 2015

Sage Turk returns to Infants on Thrones with his Listener Essay “Disproving Santa Claus.” Jake and Tom join in the conversation as “apologetics” turn towards the satirically ridiculous and the absurd – for once. No, that was not a chiasmus.



Oprah Made Me Do It

Listener Essay

Posted July 19th, 2015

Scott is joined by Matt, Micah, and Anissa to discuss Anissa’s excellent Listener Essay “Oprah Made Me Do It.”

Trigger Warning: This episode contains frank and detailed discussions of topics that illustrate the problem of evil and the issues the panel members were forced to consider. These issues include the evils of child pornography, child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. It is an excellent discussion. But it also pulls no punches.




Listener Essay

Posted July 12th, 2015

Tom and Bob are joined with Jamie and Chelsea from the Debrief Society Podcast to discuss Chelsea’s listener submitted essay titled, “Authority”.



Independence Day

Listener Essay

Posted July 4th, 2015

Another collection of excellent listener essays. From mix tapes, to silent consent of bigotry, to a real soldier’s view of Book of Mormon warfare, to homeschooling in Saudi Arabia, to Mark Hoffman and the spirit of discernment and much more, each essay had one theme in common: Independence. Happy 4th of July IOT listeners! (And RIP BKP)

Listener Essays: The Purge – Wave 1

Listener Essay

Posted May 18th, 2015

Today’s episode features three listener essays from listeners Jeff, Sara, and Chris. Cuz we have a bunch of these collecting cyber dust, and they have been sitting for a long time. So it’s time for the Infants to step aside, and let the listeners say what they gotta say.

Man Up!

Listener Essay

Posted April 5th, 2015

What is it like to be a faithful member of the Mormon Church for 54 years before finally admitting the truth about your own sexuality? Scott, Randy, Jake and Erica join Don to discuss his powerful and personal listener essay: Man Up!

Embracing Contradictions

Listener Essay

Posted March 22nd, 2015

How reliable are the stories we tell ourselves about our own experiences in life? How reliable is memory? Are we simply surrounded by fiction?

Glenn, Tom, and Jake talk to special guest Tierza about her excellent listener essay “Embracing Contradictions.”


Listener Essay

Posted March 8th, 2015

Tom is joined by Kim, Randy, and Heather to discuss Kim’s listener essay “Worthiness.”