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Ep 530 – A Manual for Creating Atheists, Part 6 – Street Epistemology

What is it like to actually do Street Epistemology?  Glenn is joined by Randy, Delany, and Jimmy to talk to Street Epistemologists Reid Nicewonder and Anthony Magnabosco.  Their YouTube videos can be found below:

Anthony Magnabosco’s YouTube Channel:

Cordial Curiosity (Reid Nicewonder’s YouTube Channel):

Ep 527 – Jane and Emma the Movie: A Conversation with Screenwriter Melissa Leilani Larson

Glenn and Tom sit down (once again…) with Melissa Leilani Larson to discuss the movie Jane and Emma, showing in select theaters in Utah Oct 12-14, 2018.  Go see it if you can!

Lindsay Hanson Park also provides a review of the film, and Glenn includes two bonus easter eggs: 1) an interview with Mel from 9 years ago about her play “Little Happy Secrets” and 2) the audioplay version of “Little Happy Secrets.”


Ep 518 – Bill Reel: Why I left the Mormon Church and what I now think about God

Glenn sits down with fellow sorta-Mormon podcaster Bill Reel to talk about podcasting, the reasons why he eventually left the church, and what he now thinks about Life, the Universe, and God

Ep 512 – No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners, P2

The four noble truths.  The eightfold path.  The dangers of dogmatism.  The suffering caused by over-attachment to an impermanent world.  This is the 2nd half of Glenn’s interview with Noah Rasheta, of the Secular Buddhism podcast, about his new book “No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners.”

Ep 511 – No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners, P1

Want to find peace even in the face of suffering?  Noah did.  Listen in as Glenn interviews Noah Rasheta, of the Secular Buddhism podcast, about his new book “No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners.”

Ep 501 – On Death and Truth and Why Some Stay

Glenn, Tom and Randy sit down with Christian Braithwaite, author of “Open Letter to Mormonism” and 2nd place winner in the most recent Listener Essay contest to discuss his essay, how to deal with tragedies like death after rejecting a belief in an afterlife, and how to define things like “truth.”  We also talk with Christian’s wife Cassandra, a licensed social worker, about her experience with Christian’s faith crisis, some of the problems she sees in the Mormon church, and the reasons why she chooses to stay.

Ep 499 – Sabrina

Tom sits down with Jordan and Katie to talk about losing their teenage daughter Sabrina to suicide.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Trevor Project (LGBTQ) 1-866-488-7386

Text “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200

Utah County Crisis Line: 1-801-691-5433 (LIFE)

University Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI) 1-801-583-2500

Unequally yoked podcast:

Ep 496 – The Trouble with God, P2

Glenn and Randy finish their conversation with Chris Matheson about his new book, The Trouble with God, where the God of the Old Testament takes a satitical stroll through The Book of Mormon.

Ep 495 – The Trouble with God, P1

Glenn and Randy sit down with Chris Matheson, author of “The Story of God: A Biblical Story of Love (and Hate)” and its follow-up “The Trouble with God: A Divine Comedy about Judgment (and Misjudgment).  In this episode, we discuss his general interest in religion, his career in film starting as co-creator of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the comedy gold he first found in the Bible for “The Story with God” and The Book of Mormon for his newest book, “The Trouble with God.”

Chris’s new book can be purchased here:  The Trouble with God

Ep 483 – Meet the Remarkably Remarkable Liz

What does it mean to be remarkable?  Randy and Glenn sit down with Liz, reigning champion of our February 2018 Listener Essay contest, to talk about what it is like to search for meaning in life after leaving the Mormon church.

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