Ep 317 – Bonus General Conference 2016

Posted October 23rd, 2016

Follow our beloved President Boyd K Packer for his annual All Hallow’s return from the eternal hereafter to lead us all through some bonus listener generated conference content (mingled with a few little Infant-generated tricks and treats, both new and old).

Special and remarkable thanks to Andrew, Holly, Jordan, and Sage for their special and remarkable contributions.
Enjoy!  (that is a command)





  • Alex Grasley

    Elder Nelson’s got a nice bit of a Foghorn Leghorn thing going on.

  • Larry

    Big Props to Glenn for his humor and production. Some of the best stuff he’s put out. Comedy Gold.

  • Wait. A treasure? And a pleasure beyond measure? Damn, I wish I’d said that.

    The Iron Rod of the Lord? Is that what that was? Who knew?

    There are too many gems in there to mention—a great episode.

  • Mckay

    I lose it every single time there is a cough in the background for some reason

  • Dale Lowry

    Thanks for the bonus. I’m always finding myself wanting longer General Conference episodes, and this satisfied. Just like the Iron Rod.