On June 13th, Apostle Oaks and Historian Turley delivered an anti-apostasy “here’s how to tell if you are on God’s team or NOT” fireside that people have lovingly labelled “The Boise Rescue.” Someone recorded it, posted it on reddit, and almost immediately we started getting requests for a smackdown.

This has been by far the most requested smackdown in Infants on Thrones history. And by that, I mean that we have probably had about 14 people ask us to do this. FOURTEEN WHOLE PEOPLE!!! So we did it. And here it is:

Jake puts together another bang-up edit for this smackdown-ish (we didn’t have an actual transcript to read from, so we were just basically winging it) panel discussion between Randy, Matt, John, Jake, Glenn, and Scott. Enjoy!

Audio of the Oaks-Turley fireside can be found here: