Bill Reel and Spiritual Abuse


Posted June 18th, 2017

What is Spiritual Abuse and when is enough enough? Bill Reel, faithful active host of the Mormon Discussion podcast, joins Glenn, Tom and Matt to discuss the finer points of head-butting dense brick walls.

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  • This was one o’ them old-timey Infants episodes. Didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t look away.

    Yay, Matt! The most effective blow you can deal The Brethren is to ignore them, and you can’t ignore them from within the church. The church is theirs, not yours. They have no reach outside of their bubble. If you walk out of the bubble, they can’t touch you.

    “Mormonism is deeply, deeply, unhealthy, but still useful,” Bill? I almost feel as if I’m listening to you say tuberculosis can be really beneficial for some people. Can’t buy it. I’m reminded of the time Heather was saying that she was coming to the conclusion that she didn’t want her daughter growing up in the church and Randy asked, “If the church is an unhealthy place for your daughter, can it be a good place for any of your kids?” Think about it.

    I can really identify with Matt saying that to leave Mormonism, you must also leave ex-Mormonism. I only listen to Mormon Stories anymore if somebody I like (Lindsay or John Hamer or somebody) is on. The rest of it I’ve heard. God knows I ain’t no therapist, but are some of these folks just enablers? Enabling others to remain in a debilitating addiction? We all need to pinch it off, myself included.