Behind Closed Doors


Posted July 16th, 2017

Our new friend Bill Reel has published a document called the Mormon Primer, or Primmer, or something like that. Think of it as a softer, gentler CES Letter for believers. How could we not start to smack down a document like this? But why is this episode called Behind Closed Doors? You’ll have to listen to find out.


  • Sean Bates


    You’ve gotta hit the pronunciation of definition 2 of Primer… we’re not laying down a base layer of paint here! ^_^

    google girl pronounces it “prim-er”

    Thank you for an amazing breakdown of Bill’s attempt at providing a serious “intro to your faith crisis” page. I’m hoping documents like this will contribute to a secular acceptance of Mormonism…

    Is that a thing? Secular Mormonism? Well, it should be.

  • In Episode 128 of the Year of Polygamy podcast Lindsay says, “PRIM-mer.” So there.

  • Loved the ending

  • Dinah

    Glenn, you are much too kind with this faux CES Letter wannabe. I find Reel to be annoying and inauthentic. If you continue this series, please sic Matt on this. Reel needs to deal with reality instead of existing in his twilight state.

    • Glenn

      You lost me at inauthentic.