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Ep 278 – Infant Retreat/Otterson Smackdown

Seven of the Nine Infants gathered for a weekend in Vail Colorado and recorded their response to some listener feedback and a smackdown-of-sorts to a newspaper article about (former) Mormon PR Boss Michael Otterson.  So listen in as Glenn, Tom, Randy, Jake, Matt, John, and Scott sit around the same table and talk into a single microphone for once.

Ep 276 – The Perpetual Education Fund… Or Fraud?

Randy is joined by Bob and special guest Aaron Tunell to discuss LDS Inc.’s Perpetual Education Fund, a program started in 2001 to help students in developing countries. But all is not as it seems on the surface.

Ep 275 – General Conference Smack…up?

Join in as Jake and Randy find a rare pocket of effusive praise for Elder Patrick Kearon’s recent conference address (Refuge from the Storm). Warning–may cause cognitive dissonance.

Ep 274 – Hard to Find Mormon Videos: The Podcast

Today, Tom and Jake are joined by Tom Doggett, the man behind the Hard-to-Find Mormon Videos channel on YouTube, to discuss the origins of the project and the goldmine that is the LDS media archive. For those that grew up on such national treasures as Cipher in the Snow or Johnny Lingo, this is gonna be an eight-cow episode.

(To take a look at That Which Was Lost, click here.)

Ep 273 – General Conference Apr 2016 – Infant Style

It’s that time again! Tune in to hear Jake, Randy, Glenn, and Bob’s contribution to the latest installment in the General Conference – Infant Style series. Special thanks to our talented guest contributors Andrew (Elder Durrant), Allison (lady speaker), and Lincoln (opening hymn).

(To read or listen to Elder Kearon’s original talk, click here.)

Ep 268 – Randy’s Really Real PPI

Glenn, Matt, Heather, and John interview Randy for his long-awaited PPI. Randall Snyder is a skeptic, a naturalist, a humanist, an atheist, a proud husband of 18 year and father of 3 sons, an orthodontist, a huge fan of the USC Trojans, the seahawks, The Simpsons, Louis C.K., Monty Python, and Key and Peele.
Randy is the fifth of seven children brought up in the church in southern California. He attended Ricks College, served a mission in Tempe Arizona, finished at BYU and went on to USC dental school. In his mid thirtees, after serving actively in the church his whole George W Bush voting adult life including as a high priests’ group leader which is kind of a big deal, he began investigating the church’s truth claims in 2008 which set him on the path toward secularism, skepticism, philosophism, flaming liberalism, and podcastism. Known for his intensity and foul mouth, Randy is the inimitable angry atheist of Infants on Thrones and everybody’s BFF.

Ep 266 – Stealing Light from Kolob: Marijuana 101

Matt, John, and Randy talk with two marijuana experts. The first, a entrepreneur who grows and sells marijuana, legally. The other, Cheech and Chong’s best friend and friend to the podcast, Micah Nickolaisen. Learn a little bit about every hippy’s favorite pastime and find out if marijuana should be legal. Spoiler alert: yes, the answer is yes!

Ep 256 – A Conversation with My Past, Present, and Future Gay Self: Benji Schwimmer

Heather, John, Kristen, and Matt interview one of America’s favorite dancers Benji Schwimmer in the first of a new Infants on Thrones series: A Conversation with My Past, Present, and Future Gay Self.

Ep 255 – Carl the Casual Satanist: Episode 4 – Carl Calls his Mother

In this, the 4th episode of Carl the Casual Satanist, Carl calls his mother to confront her about the surprise visit he received in Episode 3. (Special thanks to Heather for participating.)

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