Ep 363 – April 2017 Infant General Conference

Posted April 9th, 2017

Once again, Infant General Conference is here for your edification and stuff. This time with a very special mystery guest.






  • gem2477

    “but we don’t know the size of their penises.” 😂

    You guys delivered again!

    • Thomas Moore

      I suppose we could do a “comparison” measurement according to Facsimile 2 of Elohim’s penis and make a reasonable “length” measurement; although it’s a two-dimension drawing, so girth couldn’t be known. Yet, there is Facsimile 2: Fig 11–“Also. If the world can find out these numbers, so let it be. Amen.”

  • gem2477

    Brigham pisses me off. 😣

    • Gabriel von Himmel

      this sounds like fishing,
      an expedition of sorts.
      Yes : )

  • Zeke

    I thought Heather’s discussion of church finances and funding priorities was excellent…

  • Gabriel von Himmel

    My dog heard every word and so did I.
    Blessings to those with spirit.